Launch Google Chrome with multiple homepage websites

Google Chrome follow many functional features from Firefox rather than Internet Explorer. We have already seen easy way to launch Firefox browser with auto opening of multiple homepages or websites. We can configure similar feature in Google Chrome and make it auto launch multiple websites

Remove Runonce start page in IE7 (Internet Explorer)

Are you tired of seeing Runonce startup page in IE7 after the IE upgrade or fresh IE7 install? IE7 is notorious to open runonce webpage instead of homepage URL specificed by you. There few easy ways to remove Runonce startup page and work with IE7 like charm. First method - Open IE7

Official iGoogle Theme Creator

iGoogle is a startpage for many users on the internet. Your daily startpage that show content of your interest. You can customize the type and placement of content on your iGoogle page. Now, you can also customize the look of your iGoogle page with official iGoogle Theme creator. It was

Open Multiple Websites when you start FireFox

Most of us use default FireFox configuration. When you start FireFox, homepage of ONE website opens up (as set in startup configuration). If you have set yahoo as startpage, will open up by itself whenever FireFox browser is started. Do you know we can open multiple websites