Open programs from Task Manager when PC hangs

Windows task manager can be used to rescue computer when it hangs (and specific program does not respond). You can kill or close any unresponsive application program / task from the task manager window. Further, to fully recover from unresponsive build up you need to restart the computer.

Disable & enable Task Manager [portable tool]

Is task manager disabled on your Windows PC? This may happen due to number of reasons like no admin privileges, system file changes, effect of virus and so on. You can easily enable or disable Windows task manager without need of administrator privileges using "Task Manager Enabler". It is

Google Chrome task manager: memory & process details

Google chrome is a fast web browser as compared to other browsers. Google chrome has many new features that other browser do not have. Just like Window's system task manager, it has own in-built Task Manger feature. You can view basic and detailed information about all processes along with

Enable task manager, folder options, registry & hidden files

Suddenly, Windows task manager has been disabled / grayed out and you cannot click on option to open it. Also, cannot open folder options to enable viewing of hidden files / folders, Windows search box does not open - these are few after effects of virus attack on Windows computer. Even

Portable Task Manager to see current Window applications, services & processes

Auslogics portable Task Manager is no frills dead simple way to manage basic aspects of your Windows based computer. It provides neat interface to view and manage various Window applications, services & processes. You can see important details for any process or activity including:

TakeNote, spiced Notepad for notes & todo manager

Many of us prefer to keep track of important things using good old simple Notepad. There is always urge to have notepad with few more features, yet stay simple and quick. TakeNote, is a small notepad style application - which is simple and very useful to keep track of lot of information.

Gmail gets task manager, add emails to ‘to-do-list’

Gmail team just bumped up another feature of 'tasks' as a part of Gmail labs feature. It is very own light weight 'to-do-list' task manager within Gmail. It allows you to add any email to task list and track it easily. To get started, enable 'tasks' option by going