Best temperature condition for using iPad

Just like any electronic device, Apple iPad can get damaged if used under extreme temperature conditions. Hence, it is important to use iPad under normal room temperature conditions as explained below. Excessive heat or chill can cause harm to your Apple iPad device and it may not work

Measure Hard disk temperature with command line utility

Are you interesting in knowning temperature condition of hard drive(s) on the computer? DiskTemp is free command line utility to see Hard drive temperature (in degree celcius). This small program accesses the SMART data provided by some hard disks and the BIOS for the final temperature of

See temperature, Fan Speed of Mac computer

Do you want to know the temperature and fan speed of your MAC computer? Temperox utility comes real handy in revealing such fine details. It monitors the Temperature of CPU Bottomside, CPU Intrepid Bottomside, Power Supply Bottomside and the Battery. Related - 3 Cool ways to Measure

3 Cool ways to Measure CPU / Computer temperature

How HOT is your computer? Well, you can put a hot babe wallpaper and it will for sure look hot. Getting more technical - How Hot is your CPU? Wallpaper logic is out of the window and some serious temperature measuring of CPU, Hard drive and motherboard is inn. Measuring and monitoring