Free Twiter on iPad apps: Tweetdeck & Twitterific

Just got new iPad and missing buzzing of tweets? Just download a free Twitter app on your iPad to get busy sending and reading tweets all the time. While there are number of paid Twitter apps, surprisingly best ones come with $0 price tag. Checkout feature laden and iPad customized

Portable Twitter client in command prompt window – Quitter

There are number of heavy loaded twiter clients (like Tweetdeck, bDule, Chirp) with over dose of graphics and wanting you to install Adobe Air, .Net and so on. Quitter is a dead simple portable twitter client that needs no install at all. Just download, unzip the file and double click on

Simple portable tool to Twitter from desktop, StickyTweets

There are number of Twitter client tools (like Tweetdeck, bDule, Chirp) with all hog of features, enhancements (and confusion for new users). If you only want to read latest tweets and able to send quick tweets to your Twitter friends, then Sticky Tweets should rock for you. It is portable

Tweetdeck support multiple accounts, comes to iPhone

There is lot happening at Tweetdeck, an awesome desktop client to Twitter with ease. New version of Tweetdeck is available with lots of new features and improvements. Most requested feature of accessing multiple Twitter accounts is now live on Tweetdeck. After install you will get prompt

bDule, Facebook & Twitter client for Win XP, Vista & 7

They keep coming with jazzy eye warming interfaces and here is the latest: bDule is cool looking desktop client for Facebook and Twitter activity tracking. You can customize look and chose template / skin that looks best to your eyes and then configure Facebook / Twitter logins to see some