Free upgrade of Office for Mac 2008 to 2011

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 should be available by end of October 2010. Microsoft has already announced Office for Mac 2011 price and version details. User buying Office for Mac 2008 between Aug 1, 2010 and Nov 30, 2010 are eligible for free upgrade to 2011 version as and when it is

Free Microsoft Office 2007 to Office 2010 upgrade

Are you delaying purchase of Microsoft Office 2010 for direct purchase of new Office 2010 instead of current purchase of Office 2007 version? Well, there is no need for such delay - you can buy Office 2007 today and get Free upgrade to Office 2010 as and when it is launched later this

Ways to Upgrade Windows XP & Vista to Window 7

Windows XP, Vista and upcoming Windows 7 have different versions which may confuse Windows users on which upgrade path to follow? Microsoft has released official chart giving information on which upgrade method to use for upgrading from specific version of XP / Vista to specific version of

Can I install / upgrade to Window 7 on my computer?

Windows 7, this new operating system from Microsoft is making all the buzz these days. For starters, if your computer is running Windows Vista then you can for sure install Windows7 on the computer. However, if you are running operating system other than Windows Vista then you can make a

XP to Windows 7 upgrade: yes, no, maybe?

We have already seen Microsoft plans for offering Windows Vista to Windows 7 upgrade. Vista users can buy Windows7 upgrade kit and install over existing Vista without losing any data or software installed on the computer. What about Windows XP users? Unlike Vista to Windows 7 upgrade,

Vista to Windows7 upgrade, free or not ?

All Windows Vista users looking for free Windows7 upgrade, here is good and bad news. Yes, Windows Vista users will be eligible for FREE Windows7 upgrade but only limited users. Here are few possible features of upcoming 'Vista to Windows7' upgrade process. Preinstalled Windows Vista