Add new application programs to Windows startup

Application programs in Windows startup are very important. For starters, these program load at Windows OS start. We have already seen cool utility WhatsInStartup that allows you to see all the program applications loading at Windows start on your computer. It also allows you to enable or

Programs loading at Windows start, WhatIn Startup

It is very important to know programs loading at Windows start. While there is manual way of using Msconfig utility to see such details, everyone isn't comfortable with it. What In Startup is a cool utility to easily see list of programs loading at Windows start. It does not require

Resize images with right click [XP, Vista resizer]

Are you looking for an easy method to resize images quickly? How about right clicking on the image to get this job done? Image Resizer Powertoy adds 'resize image' option to the right click menu. Just right click on any image and then click on 'Resize pictures' option. Related - 5+

Save & access all copy clipboard data with Clipboardic

Wndows clipboard has limitation of keeping record of only last copied data. Clipboardic utility overcomes this limitation by keeping track of every copy action and resultant clipboard data. It maintains list of all clipboard activity which can be further used as per requirement. It neatly

‘AutoRuns’ show super details of startup programs

Number of programs load during Windows startup. MSConfig utility can be used to see list of such programs - if you are hungry for more (super) details, tryout 'AutoRuns'. This utility has the most comprehensive knowle