Ways to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8

Many Windows 7 users will be looking for quick options to upgrade to new Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft is slowly revealing details on various upgrade options from Windows 7 to Windows 8 OS. Windows 7 users need not worry about technical specifications as they are fit candidate for

Only 3 editions of Windows 8 [ Win 8, Win 8 Pro & Windows RT ]

With Windows 8 release, there should be less confusion regarding choice of edition that fits best to your computing needs. Unlike Windows 7, new Windows 8 operating system will be released in only three versions (or editions): Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT (which is only for

Can I install & use Windows 8 on existing computer

Once new Windows 8 operating system is launched with stable release, majority of existing Windows users will like to use it. Windows 8 is a natural upgrade option for Windows 7, Vista (and even for XP) users. It carry forward all basic features of Windows 7 operating system. Windows 8 also

Learn basic Windows 8 touch & mouse gestures

Among many features of Windows 8 operating system, touch gestures steals the limelight. With introduction of metro user interface, Windows 8 supports touch and mouse gestures (as used on touch enabled devices like ipad, Galaxy tab and even on touch screen mobile phones). For starters,

New Windows 8 OS features you should know

Windows 8 is next version of Windows operating system. Besides additional goodies, it carry forward all the goodness and stability of Windows 7 operating system. You can use the traditional desktop interface along with new touch gesture supported metro style user interface. Also, you can

How to change Library icons on Windows 8

Besides radical big features like metro tiles, ribbon bar in Windows Explorer and so on - there are number of welcome surprises in upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Ideally to change Library icons one had to use third party icon changing utility software as there is no default option to

Restore file, folder Delete confirmation box on Windows 8

By default a confirmation dialog box is displayed whenever we try to delete any file or folder. Unlike in Windows 7, newer Windows 8 do not display delete confirmation dialog box by default. So, if you delete specific file or folder - it goes directly into Recycle bin without prompting you

Open ‘Windows Phone’ like virtual keyboard on Windows 8

Windows Phone operating system feature neat virtual keyboard which support easy typing on touch interface devices. You can open and use similar virtual keyboard on Windows 8 operating system. Option to enable on-screen virtual keyboard is in-built by default in Windows 8 operating system.

Enable 16 bit application support on Windows 8

Windows 8 operating system comes with in-built option for supporting 16 bit applications. Now you can play those vintage DOS based games on Windows 8 systems without any third party hacks. Unlike in Windows 7 and Vista where you have install apps like DOS box for such support. With

Enable File History to backup & restore files on Windows 8

File History is a new Windows 8 feature allowing recovery in an event of system crash. File History feature is similar to System Restore but it allows you to store backup of files on external drive like USB pen drive, external hard drive and so on. This feature allows you to create backup

Hide & remove Ribbon top bar in Windows 8 explorer

Microsoft has already confirmed on existence of ribbon user interface (toolbar with commands) by default in upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Implementation of ribbon UI is similar to that seen in Microsoft Office 2010 programs. While ribbon bar at the top of each window and folder you

Login Windows 8 automatically without entering password

Just like Windows 7, upcoming Windows 8 operating system also feature concept of user accounts. You can create one or more user accounts and use either to login and use your Windows 8 computer. The routine of entering password everytime you start Windows 8 is boring and time consuming. You