Control desktop music player & share music in Yahoo Messenger

Do you love listening to music while chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger? If so, you are most likely to play music in your favorite music player and chatting with friends in Yahoo Messenger seperately - how about integrating both of them? FoxyTunes from Yahoo Music plugin helps you

Watch videos In-sync mode in Yahoo Messenger

Ideally we can share and watch Youtube videos while chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger. Zync plug-in adds new dimension to watching videos in Yahoo Messenger. It allows you and your friends to watch videos in perfect sync. With this plugin installed, paste video link in IM chat

Sync Twitter with Yahoo Messenger for quick updates

If you are addicted to Yahoo Messenger and Twitter, then Twitter Sync plug-in should make your 'Techno Life' real easy. No need to hop to Messenger Window & Twitter separately, with this plugin do it all from one place. This plugin allows you to sync Messenger status and Twitter