Add & use applications in Yahoo Mail

You can enrich email routine in Yahoo Mail using different applications. Each Yahoo Mail app adds specific functionality and feature to Yahoo Mail usage. You can add and use specific apps from application gallery within Yahoo Mail inbox to perform tasks in addition to regular email

Applications crash diagnostic on Windows 7, Vista

"... which program applications are crashing on my Windows 7 or Vista computer?" You can easily get answer to such question using free portable utility "AppCrashView". It displays details of all application crashes that has occurred on your system. Crash information is extracted from .wer

15+ Best BlackBerry Apps [IM, email, photos]

Are you a BlackBerry smartphone mobile user?Then check following application to make life super easy performing different tasks on your smartphone. Email, chat, images, socialization made easy with following BlackBerry smartphone applications. Email, Socialize & Explore Facebook

Save Icon of any file, program or file extension

Are you looking for easy way to save icon of a specific file or program or file extension? "Find Associated Icons" utility makes this all easy involving few simple clicks. You can load any file or program in the application to view associated details like: system name, content type,

Portable Task Manager to see current Window applications, services & processes

Auslogics portable Task Manager is no frills dead simple way to manage basic aspects of your Windows based computer. It provides neat interface to view and manage various Window applications, services & processes. You can see important details for any process or activity including:

Close all application windows on computer in Single Click

Do you have 10, 20 or more application windows open on the computer? Don't feel like clicking close button on each application one by one? Get a life and close every damn application window in a single click or shot. "Close All" is a small utility that closes every application on the

How to add folder & applications to My Computer window?

Do you want to add a specific folder to My Computer window for quick and easy access? Shedko Folder2MyPC is a small application that allows placing of any folder or application directly in My Computer and / or Control Panel Window. This will allow quick access to your favorite folders and

Orkut Mobile app for photos & scraps on the GO

Orkut mobile version was launched a while back and it was welcome by ever so loyal Orkut users. Now you can spice up your Orkut experience on mobile phone by using free Official Orkut Mobile App. It comes loaded with lot of features to access basic Orkut features with ease and share more

Find Local listings & places, directory app for Android

If you are using Android powered mobile phone, then checkout Places Directory application. It provides localized and specific information you require regarding: restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, banks. It also helps you navigation among different places and distance / destination

Language translator app for Google Android mobile

ConveyThis is a cute language translation widget box that can be placed on blog or website for instant translation. Now you can enjoy same language translation feature on handheld and mobile devices running on the Google Android platform. You can covert text into over 40 languages and hear

Add shortcut names to programs & open from Run box

Click on start > Run, a little box pops up - you can type full path of any application, folder or file in the run box and access it directly. However, typing the full path is too consuming and of boring (of course). AddToRun utility makes this  fun and super ease in using run box to

Lock & block access to any application with AppLocker

There are times we need to prevent other users on the same computer to open and use specific application software installed on the computer. Classic example being, restricting kids to access Internet Explorer to surf internet or play specific game on the computer. AppLocker makes this