Display latest weather report on desktop – portable Weather Notify

Do you want to stay updated with latest weather conditions in your area while working on computer? Weather Notify is a portable application that display latest weather information for selected location in a neat window. Information is displayed in translucent window which you can drag and

Check city weather online, your flash forecast

We have already seen damn simple way to check - Is it going to rain today? If you need more details, head over to WeatherFlash website. It shows weather information for selected city in no frills, simple interface. Just type the name of the city in top search box and hit the enter

Check weather forecast with Google search

Google search can be used for lot of things besides searching for web resources related to specific keywords. We can use Google search for PDF ebooks, music - videos, public phone numbers and lots more. You can also use Google search for checking latest weather forecast of your

Check Weather damn simple way, Is it going to rain?

Ideally checking weather online will make you see lot of blue color, animated clouds and big temperature text figures splash all over the screen. There is more, one has to select the city, enter