Free portable Database Viewer to see mdb & udl data files

Need a simple program to quickly see data / contents of a database file? myOleDbExpress is a simple and quick program to view mdb and udl database files. It is a portable program and does not require install. Just goto to open menu, select open database file and see its contents. To

Open & edit MDB, XLS database files with AxBase viewer

Do you want to work with MDB files without Access application on the PC? Well, AxBase free viewer application makes this all easy to open and edit database files. It allows you to view and edit contents of MDB and XLS database files. You can see details of each table with field

Inspiration Quotes about love, live, hope & more

Many of us are on constant hunt for those cool sounding hard hitting one liners to inspire and cheer-up. With present day web users highly active on social websites like Twitter, Facebook - need for inspiration quotes never ends. Here are few of them to get in the mood: "... Age does

Free Avatars directory, download & use !

Avatars are very important for socially active and networked web users. Avatar image is your online identity and hence it is important to have a cool looking avatar. We have already seen web tools to create avatars from Youtube videos or create awesome looking 3D avatars at Meez. Hey, why

What is Cost of Living & property in your country?

Ever wanted to know the cost of living comprising of basic prices of different items of daily use in your country? Numbeo makes this all easy with its online editable database of cost of living information of different countries world-over. To get started, select country of your choice and

6 websites to download portable USB applications

Portable applications do not require any installation and involves no bells and whistles. You can just copy application in a USB drive, double click the app file and start using it. Such applications do not leave traces of your activity on the computer. You can use your favorite software

10 Twitter directory for friends, apps & inspiration

Twitter userbase is huge and growing rapidly day by day. There are numerous Twitter based apps and resources for enhanced Twitter experience (already listed 40+ of these). If you are a Twitter newbie or intermediate user looking for best Twitter plugs in terms of new Twitter friends, apps,

Find alternative to any software application program

Sometimes a cherished and favorite software disappoints as a result of new update or feature change. Then begins search for alternative software of your favorite software application or program. We get about asking friends, post on forums, social websites to check of different alternative