Create video of Facebook timeline profile

Many users did not find merit in upgrading their Facebook profiles to timeline format. However, new web service "Timeline Movie Maker" might tempt few users to love their Facebook profile in the timeline format. This app allows you to quickly create and generate (video) movie featuring

How to add & install apps on Facebook timeline page

Facebook profile page is by default in timeline format. Like it or hate it - Facebook is sticking to timeline format and moving ahead with features to make timeline format more appealing. Latest addition to spice up timeline format is introduction of timeline Apps. Now you can add apps

Stop Facebook apps from posting app activity on friends profile

Just read a news article using Washington Post news app and your activity is posted to friends indicating article you just finished reading. While few users like this sharing behaviour, others may not want their Facebook friends to know which news article or webpages they visited. You

Add Youtube videos tab on Facebook fanpage

If you have an active Youtube video channel and Facebook profile - how about linking them for more user interactivity? You can easily display your latest Youtube videos on a dedicated 'Youtube' tab on your Facebook fanpage in few simple clicks. Youtube tab on Facebook fanpage will display

How to remove Facebook applications

Facebook is a hugely popular social networking website that even children are tempted to create Facebook account for addictive interaction. With lot of personal information connected to each Facebook profile, it is important to keep it safe and secure. One easy way to achieve this is by

Edit Facebook photos online with Picnik app

Besides the textual interaction via chat, walls posting, Facebook users share tons of photos each day. There are number of ways to upload photos via  email and organize them in proper galleries. No wonder Facebook hosts more photosthan even a top dedicated image hosting website. If you are

Someone remove as Facebook friend: UnFriender

Adding new friends on Facebook gives good feeling, as your are increasing your friend circle on Facebook. But what you do when someone deletes you from the friend list?  You will never come to know if someone has deleted you from his/her friend list. Number of friends in the list will

Disable Facebook App from posting on Facebook Wall

Facebook is a wonderful way to share and interact with friends. However, things can go over-board with lot of automated messages laden with images and graphics being posted on your Facebook wall by different Facebook applications. Do you want to block and disable specific Facebook apps

Embed Facebook chat on blog with Live Stream Box

Are you hosting a live video event on your blog or website? If yes, then you can make the whole even more interactive and chatty by using real time Facebook chat on the same page on your blog or website. This is possible using Live Stream Box that allows you to embed real time facebook

Share Grooveshark music on Facebook & WordPress

Grooveshark is an awesome web service to tryout music on demand before the actual purchase. It provides simple and very rich music experience. Grooveshark has now released extension to share music with Facebook friends or with blog users powered by Wordpress. Facebook users grab

Place Creative Commons badge on Facebook profile

Facebook has been in news for privacy policy changes and implications on user posted content for (wrong, right, OK wrong reasons!). Creative Commons has released Creative Commons License Application for Facebook that allows you to place CC license badge on your Facebook profile

Seesmic desktop client for Facebook updates

Facebook is going Twitter way and here is another plug to prove the same in the form of first ever desktop client for Facebook. From the makers of very popular Twitter client 'Twhirl- here comes Seesmic for Facebook. It is a downloadable Adobe Air application that allows you to update