Customize iPad body case color with ColorWare

Don't like the standard sliver gray colored Apple iPad? Well, you can get customized iPad with color of choice in few simple clicks at ColorWare. You can customize every part of iPad's outer body with colors that you like. It allows you to customize the color of body, button, and even the

Transfer iphone & digital camera photos into iPad

Just like any Apple product, you can extend iPad functionality by adding different apps and gadgets. We have already seen host of free iPad applications to spice up iPad experience. You can import personal photos into iPad and relish them in crystal clear big screen of iPad. Best way for

Connect & transfer data between 2 computers via USB

Connecting 2 computers can be confusing and time draining procedure for majority of PC users. We have already seen procedure to connect 2 PCs using cross over cable. Making things dead simple and super easy is connection of 2 PCs using USB connectivity. USB Go link cable allows you to

Nokia Booklet 3G, first laptop from Nokia !

Nokia is a top brand for mobile phones of different types. It has now ventured into new line of business with unveiling of its first laptop "Nokia Booklet 3G". Nokia has released details and images of this cute portable beauty that promises to deliver solid performance. Features of

Create Online Store with Google Docs & Google Checkout store gadget

Settings up an online store with secure back-end and easy to use front-end involve lot of efforts. Google Checkout Store gadget makes this real easy by using functionality of Google Docs spreadsheet. You can setup online store in few clicks and show the products in a widget on your blog or

Show Twitter updates & Picasa photos on Blogger blog

Blogger is finally thinking to organize Blogger resources for better accessibility for Blogger users. Besides probable template and artwork directory, it has already put up special blog for featured Blogger gadgets. It contains cool Blogger gadgets created by third party

iPhone 3GS speed features [WWDC 2009 event]

First day of WWDC 2009 saw lot of annocements but most interesting one was new Apple iPhone 3GS. Here S stands for speed and it is expected to be fastest iPhone ever. It comes loaded with lot of features and price tag of 199$ for iPhone 3GS 16Gb & 299$ for iPhone 3GS 32GB [to be

Celebrity iGoogle homepages, clone your favorite

iGoogle gets a showcase fully loaded with celebrity listing of iGoogle homepages. It has celebrity from different fields of interest and you are bound to find one of your favorite celebrity there. Along with celebrity description, you get option to grab respective iGoogle homepage and

Access Zoho documents on Gmail, Orkut, Facebook

For starters Zoho is an online application suit including docs, mail, calendar, planner - just like Google Docs. It has launched Zoho Gadgets that allows you to access content of Zoho account within external applications like Facebook, Gmail, Orkut etc. For example, you can see list of

Dell Adamo: amazing design, ok specs & heavy price

Dell seem to be spending more time in making their computer and laptop more stylish. Dell Adamo is another introduction of sleak design from Dell - this portable looks really fab and comes at heavy loaded price of over $2000 US. While the design is amazing, there nothing exciting in

Microsoft Arc mouse get color splash

We have already seen few very strange looking mouse. Here is Microsoft Arc mouse which looks classy and is very functional. It seems people are lapping on to this mouse with Microsoft now adding color splash to this product. This top selling mouse from Microsoft will be available in