Star important Gmail Contacts to organize better

For an active Gmail user, sheer number of Contacts can be overwhelming. While there is grouping of Contacts feature for proper organization of contacts - not many use it (why? - it require more clicks!). Now you can use 'star' feature for one click organization of important Gmail Contacts

Maximum Gmail contacts limit – upto 25,000

Contacts is an important aspect of any online email service. Gmail has been improving Contacts feature by introducing new features like recovering deleted contacts removed accidentally. It also allows you to keep contact section neat with option to disable auto contacts addition, which

Disable auto add of Contacts in Gmail

Have you ever checked 'Other Contacts' in Contacts section of your Gmail inbox? It must be filled with lot of email ID contacts which you do not intend to add to your contacts list. Everytime you send an email to new email ID (contact), it is automatically added to 'other contacts' in

Recover accidentally deleted Gmail contacts

Did you accidentally delete contact(s) from contact list in your Gmail account? You can easily recover deleted Google contacts using 'Restore contacts' feature. Just like System Restore feature in Windows, you can restore contacts list to any previous time like 10 minutes ago, 1 hour ago,

Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail contacts

Managing huge list of Gmail contacts can done easily by using quick keyboard shortcuts. You can quickly navigate among different contacts in Gmail contact listing and also use keyboard shortcuts for easy editing, deletion of any contact in your Gmail account. Following is a handy keyboard