Take HDR photos on iPhone [iOS 4.1]

With iOS 4.1 software update, you can enable HDR feature for photos. HDR (High Definition Range) photography feature allow you to take better looking and more detailed photos. HDR mode takes multiple photos in different exposure settings: underexposed, overexposed, normal exposure. Then it

Watch high quality original version of Youtube videos

Youtube is a cool online place to watch videos related to any topic, person or place. However, sometimes the quality of video can be real turn off. Are you tired of broken pixels and poor quality streaming videos on youtube? Using a basic technique, you can watch videos in exact format as

Watch HD trailors of latest movies on Youtube

Youtube has loads of video content and lots of content get added on daily basis. Organising video content and providing easy to browse functionality is not easy. Youtube is doing its bit to organize video content and now has special section for latest trailors (teasers) of movies that

Download HD video movie trailers from Apple, Yahoo

Are you tired of visiting and flipping webpage at movies.apple.com and movies.yahoo.com to view latest HD movie trailers? HD Movie Trailer Downloader application saves you from this flipping and provide access to latest movie trailers from Apple and Yahoo in one interface. You can

Upload videos for free on Flickr, HD for PRO

Video upload option on Flickr is now available for all members (free and Pro). Free account members can now share 2 videos a month (need to install Uploadr version 3.1.4 available on Flickr Tools page). HD (high definition) video upload option is only available to PRO

Access & Watch HD Youtube Videos on Single Webpage

Youtube has gone HD and number of high definition videos being uploaded to Youtube is on the rise. We have already seen ways to search and watch HD videos on Youtube. Now, Youtube has officially launched a special video page with listing of all HD videos on the website. You can browse

Search & watch HD High Definition Youtube Videos

Youtube is just getting better and better. Recently, it went widescreen and new customizing feature to embed widescreen videos was introduced. Now, Youtube is all set for HD (High Definition) video content. There are already number of HD videos available on Youtube. HOW TO SEARCH &