Resize & position images in Google Docs document

Google Docs is an interesting online word processing alternative. Besides typing text, you can spice up documents by inserting images, tables and other text formatting. New Google Docs editor makes managing images very easy and quick. You can play around with image size, position using

Reduce size of photos [free portable software]

Resizing photos and reducing their size is common routine for number of users. There are number of ways to reduce size of images like using right click procedure or batch resize mode for large number of photos. If you deal with images all the time and are on constant move, then checkout

Resize GIF images with free portable resizer tool

We can easily resize static JPG, BMP & PNG images using different applications like Windows tool, batch resizer to online resizer tools. Same is not possible for animated GIF images. Any attempt to resize GIF images results in static resized images. However, GIF Resizer portable tool

Increase image size without losing on quality or look blur & fuzzy

We have already seen VectorMagic that converts an image into vector format and allows image enlargement without losing on image quality. SmillaEnlarger is another cool application that can increase size of images without losing on quality of enlarged image. It neatly enlarge images without

Falcon add arrows, doodles & image editing effects online

Falcon is a new online editor for basic image and text editing from Aviary. It has usual markup editing options but with exception of being super quick (its hardly 90k and loads very quickly in your web browser). Nothing to download, install and even register or login. Just open Falcon in

Resize images with right click [XP, Vista resizer]

Are you looking for an easy method to resize images quickly? How about right clicking on the image to get this job done? Image Resizer Powertoy adds 'resize image' option to the right click menu. Just right click on any image and then click on 'Resize pictures' option. Related - 5+