Create freehand logo art at Google Docs

Google Docs online drawing tool can be used for more than simple diagram making. You can use this online tool for creating cool freehand logos. It also be used to make vector art resembling real life photos. Besides the shape customization, you can color vector creations with colors of

Create Google font style logo online

Google is known for simple interface and colorful logo. While Google constantly plays around with display interface, its logo has remained same for a while now. Do you want to create Google font style logo with customized text? You an easily generate Google like logo online in few simple

Create Seal online [custom royal buttons]

Avatar image on Twitter, Facebook and other social website is a unique identifier for an online user. In old days 'Seal' was used on coat, arms, crest for that unique identity. You can create cool looking custom seal button images online at "Says-it" official seal maker tool and flaunt

Make cool logo online with custom shapes & text

A unique logo is a must for every blog and website. However, making cool logos is not field of expertise for many users (like coders!). We have already seen cool online tool Supalogo for creating ever cooler logos. Easy Logo maker is another online tool for creating custom and cool looking

Create cool logo for your blog online with Supalogo

Bloggers are bloggers, many of them are not good at designing things. However, making blog look cool is desire of every blogger and here is one super quick way to achieve it. How about making a cool looking logo for your blog online in few simple clicks? Yup, no dirty up in photoshop or

Write any word or name in true web 2.0 style

Web 2.0 buzz has been going around for a while now. We have different startups with glitzy, glossy web 2.0 logos. We did cover one simple tutorial to create a jazzy web 2.0 logo - here is even simpler way to do so. Web 2.0 Write can generate any name or word in true web 2.0 style. It

Generate Logo for your blog/website in Flickr Style

If following simple PhotoShop tutorial to make web2.0 logo for your website or blog is little difficult, then here is easy alternative of Flickr Logo maker. It is an online logo generator that makes logo in few simple clicks. Just enter your website / blog name or keyword and click on