Add or remove color in photos for a classic look

Playing with colors in photo isnt easy if working in 'Photoshop' is not your cup of tea. No worries, Tint Photo Editor is a small free software that allows you to play and manipulate colors in any photo in few simple mouse clicks. To get started, select any photo of your choice and

How to batch resize photos quickly? Tips & Resources

Resizing of images can take lot of time if you are dealing with loads of images. This time increases mani fold if you are resizing photos manually. Get a life and automate the process of batch resizing. Starting point will be, look for resizing option in the image viewer / editing software

Make 3D Web 2.0 Icon for your site with ease !

Well this is the latest trend, most of the well known sites has web 2.0 icons. Like many people, I am amazed at look of these icons. These icons generally have glass effect with tinge of 3D shadow. I tried to make icon for my site(tothepc) and was successful to some extent. Most of my