Add stylish arrows to images in Photoshop

Arrows come handy for quick pointing and focus in a complex screenshot image. You can easily spice up your screenshot photos by adding stylish arrows. This can be done using Custom Shape tool in Adobe Photoshop. It allows you to add curved, bold, slim and other type of arrow shapes to

Make new photos look old

Do you want to make new photos look old and vintage? There are number of tools to easily add old look to lastest and new photos. You can remove color from photos to render old vintage look. You can also give old look to photos retaining color using either of following procedure. You can

Add fancy custom shapes to images in Photoshop

Custom shapes provide quick and easy way to spice up images. You can add fancy custom shapes to your photos in Photoshop in few simple clicks. Besides adding shapes, you can edit them further in terms of size, positioning, color, effect and more within Photoshop. Insert custom shapes on

How to check DPI value of image

DPI stands for dots per inch. This value is more associated with videos and has indirect reference for images in terms of their horizontal and vertical image resolution. DPI value of an image is important parameter of any photographer or user. You can easily check and find the DPI of image

How to bend, skew, rotate text in Photoshop

Are you bored of usual looking text display? Besides the vertical text in Photoshop, there are number of ways to stylize and play around with text. You can rotate, bend, skew to wrap text in different shapes for a unique looking text display on an image or a blank canvas. Rotate text in

Type Vertical text on photos in Photoshop

It is a normal practise to type only horizontal text on images and other creative material. If you are a Photoshop user, then you can easily type text in vertical direction as against normal horizontal direction. Vertical text looks more appealing and can a better option for specific type

Add Copyright, registered symbol to photos in Photoshop

Copyright symbol is important to establish copyrights of specific visual that is available on the internet. You can add copyright symbol to your images and creative designs to indicate its ownership and prevent any mis-use. Copyright symbol can be easily added to photos and screenshots in

Compare PSD photoshop files, free comparison tool

Viewing a Photoshop PSD files with lot of layers of effects is not easy routine. Doing the same task for multiple PSD files is even more time consuming and effort draining. If you are an active Photoshop users, then make life easy comparing 2 PSD files using free utility ComparePSD. Layer

Save image as PDF in Photoshop

Are you looking for dead simple way to save an image file in PDF file format? If you have Adobe Photoshop installed on the computer, then you can perform this conversion in few simple clicks on the fly. Photoshop has default option to save any design or image as PDF file. Open & Save

Make slow Photoshop load Faster & Quick in 2 simple steps

Adobe Photoshop is an awesome application to satisfy design thirst of any user. It is a heavy loaded graphics application which can be used to create awesome designs and render cool photo effects. With awesome-ness, it comes with slow loading interface (as often complained by many

Search Photoshop Tutorials & guides with Vunky

Photoshop is an awesome application to create any kind of visual effect on images. But mastering Photoshop takes lot of time and effort. How about kickstarting your Photoshop adventures? Vunky search is a cool place to dig out Photoshop tutorials and guides you want to practise and become