How to report Gmail bugs & errors

Like any web service, you may encounter a bug or an error while using Gmail. Google continuously monitor new reported bugs and errors all the time and work on respective fixes. If you come across error while using Gmail, you can always report it to Google for quick response and resolution

Report abuse & harassment from Gmail user

Is someone abusing and harassing you on Gmail? This is very serious and you should take note of immediately. Thankfully, there are resources that help deal with abuse and harassment coming from specific Gmail user. You can report that Gmail user, who is violating Gmail's Terms of

How to report imposter, fake Facebook profile

Facebook is a healthy and interactive medium for social networking. Still, you may come across negative elements or activities on Facebook. Just like you can report abusive photo uploading and sharing on Facebook, there are measures for fake Facebook profiles. You can easily report an

How to report abusive photos on Facebook

Facebook users upload and share lot of photos, even more than a standalone photo sharing sites like photobucket. Did you notice an abusive, bad taste or mature photo posted by a Facebook user? You can easily keep report such abusive photos anonymously that violate Facebook's "Statement of

Top Twitter spammers: check, view & report spam Twitter users

Twitter is a cool micro-blogging service with lot of users interacting actively. Every good thing has its share of bad elements, often referred as Twitter spammers. These are fake user IDs that spread malicious and illegal content links by following and getting followed from genuine

Deepika, Singh is King, Railways rules Yahoo 2008

[India specific] While Google had Katrina Kaif, how to kiss, how to reduce weight on its most search list of 2008 - Yahoo has it all different (almost). Katrina Kaif, kiss, weight - all are missing from Yahoo's most searched 2008. Here are top 10 keywords that ruled Yahoo is

How to reduce weight, Kiss, Katrina Rule Google 2008

Google has released zeitgeist 2008 revealing which all keywords and search terms ruled Google. Top 3 search queries were: how to reduce weight, how to kiss and how to earn money. These were followed by few interesting ones like: how to get pregnant and how to impress a girl. Most

State of Blogosphere in 2008, Technorati has answers

Blogosphere changes quickly with number of new blogs being added daily and number of them left to die. Technorati is out with 'State of Blogosphere' 2008 report dishing out every possible trend and participant of blogosphere. It is a huge report complied from feeback taken