Resize & sort contacts ‘chat window’ in Gmail

Chat window automatically load your Gmail contacts and show online contacts on left side of Gmail inbox. If you have lot of contacts, then size of chat window in Gmail can be very big. You can customize the chat list window size and sort contacts display as per requirement. Resize the

Change size of desktop icons

Are icons on Windows desktop too big or small? There are number of ways to customize size of icons on Windows desktop. You can resize desktop icons and make them bigger or smaller. Checkout following easy to use procedures to change icon size quickly on your Windows

Resize any non resizeable dialog box on windows

Majority of settings dialog boxes on windows have fixed dimensions. Users cannot resize them as per requirement. Now you can easily tweak windows to resize any non resizeable dialog box using portable ResizeEnable tool. It adds functionality that allows user to resize any windows dialog

Disable automatic resize of website windows in Firefox

Sometimes when you open a particular website in Mozilla Firefox browser, it is opened in resized state instead of maximized state. You can easily disable and prevent this website window resizing by changing  few options in Firefox browser installed on your computer. Restrict Website

Resize desktop icons to 16px, 24px, 32px, 48px

Desktop icons remain in constant view of any computer user. Are you bored and tired of looking at same size icons at the time? Well, give desktop icons makeover - atleast sizewise. Resize desktop icons allows you to resize desktop icons among various sizes like: 16px, 24px, 32px,

Resize Images online by dragging with mouse

There are number of online and offline web applications that allows you to resize images by entering resultant image size or dimension. '' is a cool online image resizing application with a difference. Unlike entering dimensions of final resized image, you can drag the

Batch resize & watemark with free converter software

Overloaded with lot of photos? Don't have time to process and correct each photo one by one? You can save lot of time and effort by working on multiple photos in batches. Pixillion Image Converter is a free software that supports basic image operations in batch mode. You can use this to

Batch Resize Images with VSO Image Resizer

Small and free application 'VSO Image Resizer' can make image resizing process so easy and quick. You can resize images on the fly to popular image resolutions, as well as custom dimensions. It supports number of image formats like: Jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff etc. It also supports Digital

How to batch resize photos quickly? Tips & Resources

Resizing of images can take lot of time if you are dealing with loads of images. This time increases mani fold if you are resizing photos manually. Get a life and automate the process of batch resizing. Starting point will be, look for resizing option in the image viewer / editing software