Find SVG vector images with Google Search

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. This type of image format is interactive and dynamic. Now you can easily search for SVG image vector graphic files using Google Image Search. Just set the image search filter to SVG files only and you should able to find SVG files of your choice

Digital camera buying tip: preview clicked photos

Are you planning to buy a specific model / brand of digital camera? With so many options (and models) making a quick choice of "Which digital camera to buy?" is not easy. One way to ease out this process is by previewing photos clicked by specific model of digital camera. You can compare

Search & delete duplicate images on desktop

Majority of computer users download and share lot of images on daily basis. Now more people click digital images and share via their computers and laptops. With more images, problem of duplicate photos always exists. Portable tool "Image Duplicates Search" can easily help you find and

Search Creative Common Images on Yahoo Search

Yahoo Image Search has added new filter option that allows you to search Creative Common marked images. For starters, creative common license helps image owners mark their image free for personal or commercial use removing the middle man. You can use this filter to search for images that

Search photos on Twitter with PicFog image search

PicFog is a real time image search for photos being shared on Twitter. Homepage displays real time result of photos being splashed one after another derived from Twitter image hosting services like: TwitPic, Yfrog and Twitgoo. You can hit the pause button and get started with searching

Search Flickr photos by location on the map

Do you want to see Flickr photos from the place or location you reside? Flickr Searchr makes this real easy involving few simple mouse clicks. To get started, click 2 locations on the Google map displayed to define the geographical area for which Flickr image results should