How to prevent Email address capture by spam bots

Your email address is very valuable for online marketing companies and they are always ready to capture it. Once spammers get hold of your email ID details, the ordeal of automated spam email messages begin. One might argue: "I never submitted my email ID to any list, still receiving lot

How to find fake & spam Twitter followers

Spam is everywhere be it email, Facebook or even Twitter. You may have come across screaming hype of 20,000+ followers for a specific Twitter account and so on. Ever wondered, how many of these are real Twitter users actually interested in tweets you post? There are lot of spam or fake

How to report Spam websites to Google

Search engines like Google, Bing continuously improve their ranking procedures to provide best and most relevant results to users. It can be very frustrating when you click through a weblink in search results promising desired content but it offers nothing in real. Such websites are often

Website Hacking & spam alerts in Google Webmaster

"... is my website or blog hacked?" This is first question that comes to mind when website appear radically different to what it should or it together does not show anything. Website hacking, content spam and abuse is getting more rampant in online world. While there is Google Safe

Top Twitter spammers: check, view & report spam Twitter users

Twitter is a cool micro-blogging service with lot of users interacting actively. Every good thing has its share of bad elements, often referred as Twitter spammers. These are fake user IDs that spread malicious and illegal content links by following and getting followed from genuine