Check 3G, Edge, WiFi speed [Blackberry & iPhone apps]

Who does not love speed? On mobile devices internet speed can disappoint many as compared to internet access speed via conventional medium of broadband and wireless access on desktop / portable systems. If you want to check speed of 3G, Edge and WiFi on your BlackBerry or iPhone device -

Portable simple Typing Tutor software

Tiny Typing Tutor is a damn easy to use software for improving keyboard typing skills. It has DOS like interface that facilitates greater focus on typing rather than user-interface. It allows you to start and learn typing from basics. You can go through different levels with each level

Free Typing software to improve speed & accuracy, amphetype

Amphetype is a free typing software that helps you improve typing speed & accuracy. It provide detailed analysis of your typing tests along with performance reports and statistics. You can load any text file into the program and use text in that file for your typing text. How to

Test RAM for errors & read / write speed

Do you want to test and gauge the performance of RAM on the computer? Roadkil RAM Test is a free portable utility to check performance of memory installed on the computer. It checks memory for errors and also list speeds for data read and write for RAM. Features of Raodkil RAM

Portable tool to measure LAN read, write speeds

LAN Speed test is a portable and handy tool to measure LAN speeds. It checks for Local Area Network data reading and writing speeds. It performs the test by writing a file to a folder, then clears the windows files cache and again reads the file back. It again clears cache, deletes the

Check CD DVD drive transfer rate, DAE, seek & spin time

Nero DiscSpeed is a free portable utility to check the quality of an optical drive. It allows you to check basic aspects of your drive while trying to read CD, DVD discs. It checks for: transfer rate, seek times, CPU (Central Processing Unit) usage, burst rate, DAE (Digital Audio

Measure Read & Write speed of Hard drive, CD ROM

Parkdale is a small portable utility for quick measure of read and write speed of hard drive, CD ROM and network servers. It can perform speed test for selected computer device by reading selected file. It works in 2 modes: BlockAccess test data is read from/written onto the disk directly

Measure & check CPU speed of AMD / Intel processor

Ever wanted to check accurate CPU speed of central processing unit on the computer? CPU Speed is a handy utility that measures and display accurate real CPU speed for Intel and AMD processing units. To get started, just download, double click to launch the utility and then click the "test

How to test read & write speed of USB flash drive?

Do you want to test speed of your USB flash drive? USBDeview is a cool utility that allows you to measure read and write speed of any USB flash drive connected to the computer. To get started, download USBDeview utility, unzip it and double click its icon to start the utility. This utility