Multi tasking on iPad with Split browser app

iPad packs in lot of style and features except for no multi tasking feature (meaning you cannot open multiple applications simulataneously on iPad). So, how to do multi-tasking on ipad? Well, you can make your iPad tablet ready for multi tasking by using Split browser iPad app. Hence you

Open multiple Explorer windows simultaneously

Windows Explorer pane is one of most useful place on Windows PC for bird's eye view of all contents on the computer. By default, we can only open one Windows Explorer pane. We have already seen Windows Double Explorer program to open two Explorer panes. How about opening more (upto 4)

Split Internet Explorer into 2 windows [IE addon]

Splitting screen can increase productivity allowing you to view more content in same screen area. We have already seen WinSplit Revolution to split desktop screen into multiple areas. Also, a cool bookmarklet to split browser window into 2 parts. If you are an active Internet Explorer

Split web browser window / tabs with Bookmarklet

Ever wanted to split window or tab of your favorite web browser without having to download or install any additional software? Well, here is bookmarklet link which you can add to favorites and allows you to split any browser tab or window in a single click. You can surf two different

Divide desktop screen into multiple regions

Do you want to work simultaneously with contents on multiple windows? One options is manually resizing windows on desktop and try real hard to fit them on desktop screen. Other easy way is using cool utility MaxTo that divides desktop screen in multiple regions. Whole screen will be like a

Spilt / divide screen for best use of Widescreen LCD

Do you use high resolution widescreen monitor? And still working in Windows like those good old days of CRT / low resolution monitors? Well, see and do more work with great ease by splitting windows on your high resolution widescreen monitor for free. WinSplit Revolution is a free