Show more / all icons on Windows 7 system tray

System tray is area next to Windows clock showing application icons. You can quickly open applications by clicking icons on the system tray. Be default, it only show icons of few applications. Do you want to display more or all icons on system tray area on Windows 7 PC? You can easily make

Hard disk status LED light on system tray

Incase you love to spice up desktop with some fancy stuff along with little functionality, then DiskLED is for you. It shows Hard drive status LED light blinking on the system tray. Just like we have physical hard drive status light in the front of CPU tower, you can get similar virtual

Minimize Firefox & Thunderbird to System tray

With too many opened programs taskbar can become cluttered. We have already seen Taskbar Helper software to move program buttons from taskbar to the system tray. If you only want to do this for Firefox (and other Mozilla products like Thunderbird, Songbird), then checkout "MinimizeToTray

Add or Remove Java icon on system tray

Do you want to display Java icon on the system tray on your computer? On the contrary, do you want to clean up icon clutter on the system tray and remove Java icon from there. In either case, you can easily add or remove Java icon on the system tray on your computer in few simple

Hide & move Window programs from Taskbar to System Tray

Taskbar can become cluttered with too many opened Window programs. You can customize open programs showing on the taskbar using free utility "Taskbar Helper". It allows you to organize contents showing on the taskbar by hiding rarely used Windows or moving them from taskbar to system tray

Switch default Audio Sound Card from system tray

Ideally, you will have to click (and click) to open Control Panel to change the default audio device. If you often change the audio device, how about doing it quickly from the system tray? STADS (System Tray Audio Device Switcher) is a free program that allows you to toggle and switch the

How to move & pin Recycle bin to system tray?

Recycle Bin has always been part of the desktop. If you are too bored of it and want to perform some desktop cleaning - bump out the recycle bin to the system tray. Minibin is a small application that allows you to move and pin recycle bin to the system in few simple clicks. This

Disable close of app window & pin to system tray

Do you have any application window that should not be closed? Also, you do not want it to be minimized on task bar to prevent viewing or closure of that application window by other users. TrayTask is a simple utility that cleans up your taskbar and pins any app window from taskbar to