Hide & remove Ribbon top bar in Windows 8 explorer

Microsoft has already confirmed on existence of ribbon user interface (toolbar with commands) by default in upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Implementation of ribbon UI is similar to that seen in Microsoft Office 2010 programs. While ribbon bar at the top of each window and folder you

Windows 8 Explorer will have ribbon user interface

Like it or hate it - ribbon interface has jumped from Microsoft Office program to core Windows Explorer display in upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Newer Windows 8 will have ribbon user interface at top of the Explorer window. This will allow more visibility to commands and functions

Remove homegroup in Windows 7 Explorer

An average Windows 7 user may not use all features. Even though features are not used they still consume system resources and processor time. Homegroup is one such feature that you may not have used on your Windows 7 computer. You may have setup homegroup feature accidentally during first

Add new items in ‘Send To’ menu on Windows

Using Send To menu you can send or copy files from one location to other on Windows computer. All the items listed in Send To menu are contained in Sent To folder. You can easily customize and add new items, application shortcuts to the Send To menu by adding new items in the Send To

Mute Explorer click sounds in Windows 7

Are you annoyed by Windows Explorer click sounds? You can easily turn off and mute such sounds on your Windows 7 computer. After making following settings change, your window 7 PC will be more quiet allowing soundless PC usage (and of course, some piece of mind). Turn off explorer

Open multiple Explorer windows simultaneously

Windows Explorer pane is one of most useful place on Windows PC for bird's eye view of all contents on the computer. By default, we can only open one Windows Explorer pane. We have already seen Windows Double Explorer program to open two Explorer panes. How about opening more (upto 4)

How to show Folder Size in Windows Explorer

Pressing (Win + E) keys launches Windows Explorer for easy browsing of contents including drives, folders and files. While files have size listing under size column (in detailed view), there is no size display for folders while viewing in Windows Explorer. Free utility 'Folder Size' can

Multiple Windows Explorer in Windows 7

Windows Explorer is a handy Windows operating system feature to access files and folders quickly. You can add one more Explorer window for easy and quick access to files and folder. This is possible in Windows 7 operating system using "Windows Double Explorer" utility (available in

Change default Windows Explorer folder to different folder

We often press Window + E to quickly open Windows Explorer. By default it opens window containing default My documents folder and folder of user logged into Windows. However, at times specific user could be using a different folder as working folder and may want to open it directly using

Turn Firefox into Full Blown File Manager / Explorer

A plugin or add-on can make Firefox serve more than just web browser. We have already seen, how a firefox extention 'SimpleMail' can turn Firefox browser into complete email client. You can turn Firefox into full blown File Manager or file explorer using cool add-on 'FireFly'. Using