Automatically move files from Desktop to any Folder

Here is an interesting way to keep desktop clean and spanking tidy with cute free utility 'Desktop Teleporter'. It automatically moves newly added files from desktop to a specific (pre-defined) folder. Most of us tend to download and paste files directly on the desktop. This results in

Backup Important Data Free & Easy with Snap Backup

Different type of data has varying level of importance and hence need to be backed up accordingly. Snap Backup is a free, fully functional backup utility that makes the whole process simple, easy (& Free). To get started, after download and install of the utility - you need to

Sync Contacts & files between PC & Phone for Free

Incase phone is lost, you lose all the stored contacts! Microsoft Phone Data Manager [Free] allows 'Worry Free Mobile life' with ability to synchronize contacts, files between PC and phone. This free application from Microsoft enables you

Turn Firefox into Full Blown File Manager / Explorer

A plugin or add-on can make Firefox serve more than just web browser. We have already seen, how a firefox extention 'SimpleMail' can turn Firefox browser into complete email client. You can turn Firefox into full blown File Manager or file explorer using cool add-on 'FireFly'. Using