Download The Sims 3 Official Game wallpapers

If you are a gamer, then 'the Sims' should be very familiar name to you. Latest edition of 'the Sims 3' is out and here is free goodie pack to get the Sims experience on your desktop. Checkout official Sims 3 wallpapers pack. Besides logo, wallpapers feature characters and moments from the

Visualize Towers of Hanoi with Puzzle Scrensaver

Towers of Hanoi is a classic mathematical-logical problem by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas. Traditionally, it details as: "... Somewhere in a temple there live some monks who got to move a tower of 64 differently sized disks from one bar to another, using a third bar as a

Play Lode Runner game online, fun in motion

Here is little stress buster while you surf for important stuff on the internet, checkout web based clone of popular Video Game - Lode Runner. It is quick, zippy game and you can play without having to download / install or register for the same. Use your keypad to move your player

Play Cricket game on Youtube, 2 overs of fun

Big events always bring fresh and creative ideas and offerings. If it was Youtube celebrity game during Oscars awards season, here is first Cricket game on Youtube during IPL (Indian Premier League) season. You get to bat for 2 overs in this Youtube videos based cricket game and score

Grand Theft Auto & Wild Metal game free download

If you are a gaming addict, then you must have heard name 'Grand Theft Auto'. Well, now you can download GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series game for free. You just need to fill a form and get download links for GTA series game for free. This includes GTA 1, 2 and Wild metal. This version

Youtube Game: 30 levels, Celebs & Oscars fun

Youtube introducted annotations and ability to link - this has resulted into first ever interactive Youtube video game. Game has engrossing 30 levels with varrying difficulty full of celebrities and Oscar fever. Each level will show you two similar images. You need to click on area which

Play MineSweeper game online, single or multi-player

MineSweeper is one classic simple online game for quality timepass (hopefully). Stumbled upon really cool and easy online MineSweeper game. You can play it alone as single user or try Multi-user environment. You need to login to play Multi-user version. Login allows you to enter rooms

New Super Mario Bros game Wallpapers download

I am not a gaming addict but when it comes to classics like packman, Mario and Mortal Combat - gaming fever takes over. New Super Mario Bros is out with lot of new things and could not resist checking it out just like Ashish. Checkout cool wallpapers of New Super Mario Bros game: 12

Free mobile themes & wallpapers for Nokia & Ericsson

Are you searching for free themes, wallpapers, software and games for your mobile phone? Well, if you have Nokia or Sony Ericsson mobile phone, then head over to LasyK website. It has huge collection of free mobile goodies for Sony Ericsson and Nokia mobile phones. Homepage cleanly

Santa shooter, a game for Christmas fun & action

Christmas goodies keep coming as we head close to Christmas. 'Santa Shooter' as the name suggest involves game player to shoot Santa Claus with loads of bullets. It involves a story of benevolence, misunderstandings, alcoholic beverages and a loaded gun. You get to play a drunk father

5 Online Shoe throwing Games based on Bush incident

George Bush showed all the reflexes to duck and miss the shoe thrown by a reporter at a press conference. While incident found different voices from different leader, online world just got another topic to dish out some fun. Number of online games have come upon

Virtual online Coin Toss, good old school style

Coin toss has been used for so many years to make decisions among two competing parties. Till now, it is being used in number of sports like in cricket coin toss is done to decide on which team will bat or field first. With you do not need actual coin.