How to Google Search latest Twitter tweets

Twitter has lot of activity and following the same can be difficult at times. Google Search can prove real handy in tracking latest activity of any public Twitter account. You can Google search for latest real time tweets, missing tweets in your Twitter client or high ranking tweets of any

Real time Google Search results

Don't be surprised if you see scrolling results on Google Search result pages. Small box with scrolling links are real time updates for keyword being search by you. These results are derived from various sources like Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites. Best part, these

Check & display CPU usage real time on desktop

CPU usage is very important aspect of any computer. More CPU usage means slower and less responsive system. PerfWatch is a cool utility that display real time CPU usage on the desktop screen. It sits on the system tray, a click on the icon pops up window with finer details of CPU

Google Wave, all in one realtime communication tool

Google is all busy with its new (very big) web based service called Google Wave. First look of the product makes you believe it is sort of online Microsoft Outlook. Well, interface looks little similar to Outlook but functionality seems way ahead of it. You can share any damn thing with

Track multiple eBay auctions real time on desktop

If you are tired of opening browser page again and again to check ebay auction information - then get a life using eBay auction desktop tracker. Just enter the auction ID and this application will pull related details like: item details, currency, number of bids, prices, seller's

Watch Earthquake in 3D real time on your computer

Earthquake 3D is a cool screensaver that allows you to view real time earthquake activity in 3D. It shows 7 days of earthquake activity in a nice graphical manner. While viewing earthquake activity you can zoom and spin the 3D globe. You can also customize the display of earthquake