PC Shutdown & Restart shortcut icons on desktop

Do you find it boring and time consuming to click start menu to able to shutdown, restart or hibernate computer? You can easily avoid start menu and perform similar routine using quick shortcut icons on Windows desktop. For this you need to create shortcut icons for shutdown, restart and

Prevent & disable PC shutdown, hiberation & log off

Few PC users prefer to schedule shutdown, restart of computer to save power and enforce strict PC usage routine. On the contrary, few users prefer the opposite of not turning off or hibernating PC, even when they are not around. Ideally, you can configure computer shutdown, hibernation and

How to turn on, off & reset iPad device

Know the basics of using your new iPad through proper turn ON and OFF routine. Like any other electronic device, proper turning ON and OFF keep it in a good functioning state. Incase your iPad is stuck and does not respond - you can reset the iPad to start afresh. Here are few basics of

Automatically restart, turnoff inactive & idle computer

Ideally, a PC can hibernate with monitor display turned off when there is no activity on computer for long time. If you are running a business with lot of PCs, every computer must be restarted at some point of time to refresh and apply software updates. Best time to restart computer is

Schedule shutdown, standby, hibernation of Windows PC

Ideally, we goto start and then click to shutdown (or logoff, standby, hibernate) Windows computer. Do you want to schedule and automatically turn off computer without having to click any button on Windows? There are number of utilities that allow scheduling of automatic shutdown, standby

Computer shutdown & restart shortcut in Windows 7

Do you want an extra ease of shutting down your PC instead of usual routine of clicking on Start and shutdown buttons? You can easily create a desktop shortcut for PC shutdown, restart and logoff. There after, just click the shortcut  button to close or restart computer quickly. Create a

Restart Firefox with Keyboard shortcut key

Firefox browser can be customized with different plugins, themes and much more. Each customization effort require restart / reboot of Firefox browser. Are you tired of clicking restart button? Well, you can restart Firefox using quick keyboard shortcut key by installing "Quick Restart"