3 Tools for screenshots & website capture on Mac OSX

Most of use tend take screenshots of stuff on the desktop screen and save it for future reference. Besides, we also capture and save screenshots of websites or webpages for easy sharing and reference. We have see number of tools to perform simple task of screenshot and website capture on

Take screenshot of applications & edit / add effects

Taking screenshot of window screens of different application programs is a routine for designers, bloggers and programmers. After taking the screenshot, one has to edit screenshots and refine them as per requirement. PicPick portable application is all in one design tool that makes this

Capture website screenshot & edit online at Aviary

[Firefox only] Aviary has cool set of online tools to edit and enhance images online with ease. You can combine the power of those online tools in Firefox browser using Talon Firefox addon. It allows you to capture screenshot of any webpage and send it directly to online editor at Aviary

Morro, new Microsoft anti virus software – first look

Microsoft had security suite called "One Care" long time back. It did not find many takers and was discontinued a while back. Ever since, Microsoft has been busy with new Anti Virus software named "Morro" which should be available for free download and use by 2009 year end. As expected,

Windows 7 leaked Box screenshots, real or fake?

We already know different Windows7 versions and many of us are already using Windows 7 RC version on computers in attempt to test drive Microsoft's latest baby. Microsoft is all set to release Window7 final version during upcoming holiday season and related details have started to spill

Extract image frames & take screenshots from video

Do you want to automatically extract image screenshots from a video? Free Video to JPG Converter application makes this process involving few simple clicks. It allows you to extract frames from any selected video at selected interval of time. To get started, select the input video file in

Free Screen Capture software, get easy with Hardcopy

Hardcopy is a free and very effective software to capture and save screenshots in Windows. Using this you can capture and save current window or whole window. After the capture, you can perform basic editing operations like image snipping, color changes and much more. It also allows you

Windows7 New Screenshots look more like Vista

Windows7 will succeed Windows Vista and everyone is curious about it. We have already seen loads of Windows Seven Screenshots and here are few more - the latest ones. Latest Windows 7 screenshot that looks more like Windows Vista than Mac (like previously seen). Checkout

Windows Vista Successor Windows7 revealed, really?

Microsoft dished out Windows XP successor as Windows Vista. Soon, Windows Vista will have successor in the form of Windows 7(also called Windows Vienna). These days online world is buzz with leaked images of Windows 7. Authencity of images cannot be confirmed, but you can surely check out,