How to add / submit website or blog to Google News?

Google News showcase latest news from different topics and categories from around the world. If your blog or website is listed in Google News, you can receive loads of traffic. Besides the traffic, your website gets instant popularity and appreciation from readers throughout the

Add driving directions on website to find business location

Now website owners can easily help their users find driving directions to their physical location of business using new Google Maps directions gadgets. Instead of listing number of addresses and locations to reach final business location, you can simply embed this gadget on your website or

Track & monitor keyword position in Google search

Google is a major source of traffic for majority of blogs and websites. Different keywords rank on different position in Google search and as a result sending varying amount of traffic to your blog or website. Ideally, one can manually perform Google search to check for position of

Take visual feedback for new blog or website design

Did you create a new design for your blog or website? Need a quick feedback without having to send new design details to each friend and receive un-structured feedback? FiveSecondTest website makes this all easy and allows anyone give feedback on your new or existing website or blog

Track changes in company Terms of Service (TOS) page

Terms of Service TOS page is an important component of any website of a company. Average users tend to ignore TOS page and only refer to it when in some company policy or usage trouble. Usually, TOS service page are long and very boring to read. Tracking any change in contents of a huge

View & edit XML files with Free XML viewer software

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a structured way to share summary content in a compact organized manner. More practical use of XML is in the form of sitemap XML files of a blog or website. You can create sitemap XML file of your website or blog and submit it to search engines. XML file

Download Bing API toolkit to customize 404 error pages

Some percentage of website traffic ends up on webpages that do not exist or have been moved resulting into 404 error page. It is important to channelize this traffic, instead of displaying dead end 404 error pages. Microsoft has released Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit. It allows you to

Google safe browsing page to check website infection

Is your website or blog infected with malware or trojans? You can easily check for the same by accessing Google safe browsing diagnostic page for your website URL. Google display report of possible malware infection on special webpage for every domain URL in its index. It shows the current

Disable document preview for your site results on Bing

Document preview is one cool feature of Bing decision search. On mouse hover over any search result, it pops up window (on the right) showing summary and important links on that specific link on search result page. This features allow users to sample the content of a webpage before

Inform Google of domain name change of website

Google Webmaster Tools is one place from where website or blog owners can see and manage their website status as in Google index. It has undergone interface makeover for more cleaner and feature laden look. It has also launched a new feature 'Change of Address' that should come handy if

Online Code snippet library – refactory for developers

Web developers often scout for code to add special features or elements to their projects. Different type of codes are available online to render basic and advanced functionality. While the process involve copy-paste and testing the code - searching for required code is no easy

Test website online in different browsers at Adobe Labs

Web designers are familiar with problems different web browsers cause to their web design creations. Internet Explorer 6 is most notorious for sending web design for a toss and breaking up the look of a website. Adobe Labs has launched online web service to check for website look in