Embed News, Videos, Docs to blog – Google Web Elements

Google Web Elements makes it real easy for website or blog owners to show various Google services on their website. Just grab quick embed code and paste on your blog to display respective Google Service. It allows you to embed Google Search box complete with optional Adsense publisher

5 tips for sending reconsideration request to Google

Google Webmaster Tools is very important to stay updated on your website or blog status on Google. You can track number of indexed weblinks, cache, sitelinks, sitemap details and lot more information regarding your website with Google. Incase, something goes bad like traffic drops, Google

Free Domain Name for one year from Microsoft

Microsoft Office Live Small Business is offering free domain name for period of one year. After one year you have to pay $15 per year (not bad!). So, you can easily grab dot com, net, org domains are cool price of $0 While this offer is very attractive, make sure to read all terms and

Get Pagerank change alerts of multiple URLs in Email

We have already seen ways to get alerts for stories related to any keyword or alerts for new Youtube videos of your interest. Here is similar web service 'PageRankAlert' for receiving alerts of pagerank changes of any website or URL. It is a simple and free web service that send alerts via

Google Sitemap Generator Official Free Tool

For starters, sitemap helps a search engine to index website content faster with more ease. Though this is not mandatory but it is always advisable for a website or blog to generator an updated sitemap for the current content. We have seen over 15+ tools to generate sitemap of a blog or

Microsoft Ad Network DrivePM in India, make money?

In current times of credit crunch, things look all tough money-wise. However, this is no deterrent for launch of new things from biggies like Microsoft. Google Adsense rule internet ad market and there are so many players trying to cover-up and match Google. Microsoft is all set to

5 Tools to Monitor website, if it is dead or alive

Everyone needs rest, so do servers on which our websites are hosted. It is very important that your website is accessible and alive from different locations in the world. There are times when site is completely dead as a result of server outage. However, in some cases website may not be

Check blog/website look & design in different browsers

More and more people are using browser other than Internet Explorer. Firefox is the front runner in non-Microsoft browser. As a blogger or webmaster it is very important that your blog/site has consistent look in all browsers. Unfortunately, you have to put in some extra tags to achieve