How to clear clipboard contents / data automatically

Clipboard hold data from your recent copy action. We tend to press Ctrl + C to copy data multiple times and then get busy attending other things on the computer. We care least to realize, anyone can access clipboard contents and later use that data. It is always advisable to clear

See Blue Screen of Death BSODs error details & drivers causing it

Blue Screen of Death (BSODs) error screen is familiar to every Windows users. This screen can appear as a result of corruption or conflict and displays technical error details which many Window users do not understand. BlueScreenView is a handy utility to see more details of BSOD errors

Create virtual desktops in Windows with free Dexpot utility

One desktop screen may not be enough for few users and they may need more space to access programs on the computer. Best alternative to get more space without too much effort is creating virtual desktops. You can access multiple desktop screens with different programs and files opened at

Download 1000 free songs – new music by Windows @ Myspace

MySpace is no longer a cool place to socialize when compared to Facebook and Twitter. Well, it might get new love from users wanting to download new music, new songs (simply put - 1000 free songs download). Windows @ MySpace ( is out with this music giveaway in

Preview 40 New Windows 7 Fonts online

Windows 7 has lot of improvements and features. It should ship loaded with over 40 news fonts to support different typography styles. These new fonts extend the language and script support offered by Windows. It also enhances Windows user interface for various languages and also the users

Online operating system within Web browser: Windows4all

We have already seen Ghost virtual online operating system, Windows4all is similar online OS powered by Microsoft Silverlight technology. Within web browser, you can access and get feel of an operating system. It has Windows Vista like feel complete with Orb start button and fully loaded

Window 7 packaging with easy to open Plastic case cover

Microsoft has unveiled all new and simple packaging for Windows 7 operating system media disc. Whole packaging is simple, easy to open and enviornment friendly. Cover has big bold Windows 7 logo with clearly marked version of Windows 7 among professional, ultimate etc. No more trying to

Add new application programs to Windows startup

Application programs in Windows startup are very important. For starters, these program load at Windows OS start. We have already seen cool utility WhatsInStartup that allows you to see all the program applications loading at Windows start on your computer. It also allows you to enable or

DLL Files in Windows 7, see complete information

Windows 7 RC is creating lot of positive buzz. If you are interested in checking complete details of DLL files contained in Windows 7 - headover to Win7dll website. This website contains exhaustive information on DLL files located in system32 directory of Windows 7 operating system. You

Download Windows 7 audio, video codec pack

Windows 7 operating system comes pre-loaded with number of additional codecs to playback different audio and video format files. However, this is not enough to play every audio / video file you bump into. Windows 7 Codec pack comes handy in this regard. This package installs number of

Prevent Vista Service Pack install via Windows Update

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 was released few days back. It will be pushed to Windows users through automatic updates. In coming days, Windows update should install Windows Vista Service Pack 2 on your computer. However, if you want to prevent this - use Service Pack Blocker Tool

Download links for Windows Vista Service Pack 2

Windows Vista service pack 2 has been released by Microsoft and is available for download. It is available as standalone installer or as DVD ISO image. You must have Vista SP1 installed on the computer before you can proceed to install Vista SP2. Also, you need to remove Vista SP2