Show more / all icons on Windows 7 system tray

System tray is area next to Windows clock showing application icons. You can quickly open applications by clicking icons on the system tray. Be default, it only show icons of few applications. Do you want to display more or all icons on system tray area on Windows 7 PC? You can easily make

View hidden files & folders on Windows 7

We can easily hide files and folders on Windows based computer. Also, such hidden files can be viewed by unhiding them using 'folder options' settings. So, where is 'folder options' to view hidden files and folders on Windows 7 PC? If you are a new Windows 7 users, finding this settings

Change default Printer on Windows 7

While printing any document in a Word processing application like Word 2010, default printer is used for printing. If wrong printer is set as default, print command may not execute successfully. Also, you may have to manually chose a different printer everytime you want to print a document

Delay launch of applications at Windows 7 startup

Do you want to delay launch or start of specific application programs at Windows startup? You can easily do this by configuring properties of application that you want to delay. Delaying launch of specific application allow other applications to load quicker, as they get more access to

Rename desktop icons on Windows 7, Vista, XP

Bored of usual names assigned to different icons on Windows desktop screen? You can easily spice up icon names / labels by renaming them to any desired name on Windows 7, Vista or XP computer. With renaming you can customize icon text as per requirement that allow easier and faster access

Change default system sounds on Windows 7

Are you bored of usual sounds while using Windows 7 computer? You can easily add customization to default sounds on Windows 7 by making changes to existing sound scheme. You can select different sound for specific Window's action and even add own song to be played while using Windows 7

View calculation History in Windows 7 Calculator

Unlike previous versions of Windows, calculator application in Windows 7 has lot of additional features and functionality. While performing multiple calculations, you may want to look back at previous data of calculations. You can easily do this using 'History' feature of calculator

Show multiple clocks on Windows 7 taskbar

Do you want to display multiple clocks of different country and timezones? You can easily do this on Windows 7 taskbar using in-built feature of "Additional Clocks". It allows you to add and show two additional clocks on the taskbar. Using this, you can easily track current time of upto 3

Classic context ‘close’ menu on Windows 7

In Windows 7, when ever you right click on the icon in the taskbar, you will see the jump list and contextual items like close  and unpin or pin the program. Are you missing old classic menu as in Windows XP? You can easily get the classic version of the contextual menu: like restore,

Create MAC like stacks of icons on Windows taskbar

Do you want MAC OSX like stacks feature on Windows PC? You can easily implement stacks of icons feature on Windows system using free "7stacks" program. It allows you to create and combine multiple applications icons into single icon to display stacks of icons on Windows 7 taskbar. You can

How to sleep, hibernate Windows 7 PC

If you moving away from computer for a small period of time, it is advisable to put PC to sleep mode rather than leaving to ON and running. This saves power and allows you to quickly resume work as soon as you return. You can easily put Windows 7 PC to sleep or hibernation in few simple

Control Mouse pointer with keyboard numeric keys

Did your computer mouse suddenly stop working in middle of some important task? No need to look for another mouse, as you can control mouse pointer using keyboard. Numeric keys on the keypad on the right side can be used to control mouse pointer on Windows 7 PC. This feature can be used to