Add same contact to multiple groups in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger users generally arrange Yahoo buddies or contacts in separate groups like friends, family, work etc. By default each contact appear only once in either of group. However, at times you may want a specific Yahoo contact to appear in 2 or more groups in Yahoo Messenger. This

Add special effects to video calls in Yahoo messenger

Yahoo Messenger 10 beta version is loaded with lot of features like full screen video calling. You can spice up video calls made using Yahoo Messenger by adding cool effects like changing color, adding different elements. Popular webcams come bundled with free software that lets you add

View old Yahoo & MSN messenger chats with log viewer

Sometime we need to refer to old chat logs to get important information already dicussed on a previous messenger chat. Messenger application(s) has feature to see old chat logs but the interface is not comfortable for exploring and reading through loads of chat archive. Free application

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta for full screen video chatting

Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta is out with cool new features. Overall look is similar to previous version but there are number of new buttons and menu options. Now you can chat with Yahoo messenger friends in full screen high quality HQ video mode by clicking all new "video call" button in Yahoo

How to Sync Yahoo Calendar and iphone calendar?

If you are an iPhone user and use Yahoo Calendar for online management of daily routine, then here is good news of easy sync of Yahoo Calendar with iPhone Calendar. As pointed by Ymail blog, Apple and Yahoo have collaborated to bring this easy to use sync feature. There is nothing to

See online Yahoo messenger contacts on new Yahoo homepage

Yahoo homepage has gone for makeover for all new look and functionality. It allows you to access lot of applications and web services directly from the homepage. Now you can also see online Yahoo messenger contacts on new Yahoo homepage without having to open any new window or

4th July Independence Day YM avatars & emoticons

Independence Day (4th of July) you could be busy doing own thing enjoying the special day. You can bring the flavour of Independence Day to your online world with Yahoo Messenger. Official blog has listed some cool goodies to get going with 4th July Independence Day online activities on

How to send free SMS from Yahoo Mail to any mobile?

Yahoo Mail new interface makes it real easy in sending free SMS to any mobile phone. There is no registration, you only need two things: a free Yahoo Mail account and mobile phone number where you want to send the free SMS. To get started, you need to switch from classic Yahoo Mail to new

Access Yahoo, Gmail & AOL email in Hotmail account

Now you can see emails from any POP enabled email account within your Hotmail account. You can add any POP enabled Yahoo! Mail (Plus), AOL Mail, and Gmail accounts to your existing Hotmail account for easy access. You need to enter login details of other POP email account in Hotmail to use

Send IM to group, multiple Yahoo Messenger contacts

We often spend bulk time chatting with one buddy in Yahoo Messenger at one given time. There is option to get chatty with multiple IM buddies in one go without too much effort. If you have arranged IM contacts in groups then you can send messages to all IM contacts in a specific

Download new Yahoo Toolbar for IE & Firefox

Yahoo has given glitzy makeover to their toolbar, which now available for download for Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can save lot of time getting updated information from your favorite websites with instant preview feature. A pop up window can show latest updates from any of your

Filter Yahoo Mail inbox by contacts & connections

Yahoo Mail has added 2 new filters that can come real handy in managing email overload. Now you can filter emails in your Yahoo inbox by contacts and connections. For starters, contacts will display email messages from people you have manually added to your Yahoo Mail contact list.