Preview Youtube, Flickr, Picasa links in Gmail

Gmail has added new 'Labs' feature to preview Youtube, Flickr, Picasa and Yep links within Gmail inbox. Ideally, if you receive a Youtube video link in an email - you will click on that link, open a new webpage and then watch that video. With "YouTube previews in mail" feature turned ON,

Youtube Game: 30 levels, Celebs & Oscars fun

Youtube introducted annotations and ability to link - this has resulted into first ever interactive Youtube video game. Game has engrossing 30 levels with varrying difficulty full of celebrities and Oscar fever. Each level will show you two similar images. You need to click on area which

Delete your Youtube comments, sincerely sane

Can you believe that there was no way to delete comments posted by you on Youtube videos? So, for all mis-spelt, drunken  Youtube comments, Youtube has introduced comment deletion feature. Now you can delete any comment on Youtube videos and keep your Youtube profile sincerely sane and

Vatican & Pope official Youtube Video channel

Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has launched official Youtube video channel to get close to people at large. Recently, Barak Obama has been in news for embracing technology in a big way with launch of blog at website and official download-able videos at official Youtube

Watch Youtube Videos in Gmail Chat window

Youtube videos are everywhere these days. Slideshare introduced feature to embed and play any Youtube video in any slide in your SlideShare presentation. Now, even Gmail Chat will play any Youtube video for you. So, if your friend sends you Youtube link while chatting on Gmail chat - no

Embed Youtube Videos in Slideshare presentations

Long time we checked out how to embed Youtube videos in Powepoint presentation? In current web2.0 ways, creating and sharing presentation online is more easy (powerpoint is sort of passe'). Slideshare is one of the leading web service to make and share presentations with ease. They just

Click to Download Youtube Videos feature

Youtube has been really busy these days. It muted number of videos to quiety check copyright content being uploaded. It is a buzz hosting Obama videos on special Youtube channel. Surprisingly, this Youtube channel got an interesting feature. 'Click to download'  link is seen on Youtube

Get Email alerts for new Youtube videos you like

With so much information and content overload, tracking stuff of personal interest in not easy. We already know cool way of using Google Alerts & Favbot to track any word (or keyword) across the interest and receive email notification for the same. Video-Alerts does similar for new

Cannot hear music audio on Youtube video ?

Many users surfing Youtube videos might be looking for answer to this questions - Why cant I hear music audio on this Youtube music video? Well, this is new Youtube's quiet way to address copyright issue for content being uploaded on Youtube. Say you created a fan video containing few

Access & Watch HD Youtube Videos on Single Webpage

Youtube has gone HD and number of high definition videos being uploaded to Youtube is on the rise. We have already seen ways to search and watch HD videos on Youtube. Now, Youtube has officially launched a special video page with listing of all HD videos on the website. You can browse

Youtube video ecards for Christmas Holiday greetings

Just like last year, Youtube has introduced new feature that allows you to send videos as ecards this Christmas and holiday season. Youtube has list of special free videos which you can select. You can also record your own video, upload

Watch Youtube Videos on your desktop

Google has launched new gadget for Google Desktop users. For starters, Google desktop is a download-able free software from Google to access and interface with various Google services from your desktop. Youtube Gadget for Google desktop makes Youtube video viewing experience easy and