How to open & read books on iPad

Apple iPad can be your perfect reading partner to access different types of content. Besides reading newspapers, you can also use iPad to read ebooks of any type. iPad with big screen and flip page style next page action provide ultimate book reading experience. Browse & read books on

How to read Newspapers on iPad

Apple iPad provides a unique and big screen viewing pleasure of photos and videos. It also focuses on ability to read ebooks and newspapers in flip book style reading. You can read best newspapers from top publishers on iPad in few simple hops. Newspaper reading is customized for big

Multi tasking on iPad with Split browser app

iPad packs in lot of style and features except for no multi tasking feature (meaning you cannot open multiple applications simulataneously on iPad). So, how to do multi-tasking on ipad? Well, you can make your iPad tablet ready for multi tasking by using Split browser iPad app. Hence you

Download best free iPad apps

iPad is new apple way to view and consume content (lots of content) in grand big screen style. It is bigger than iphone but smaller than laptop screen. In-spite of limitations like no multi-tasking or USB support - it is creating lot of buzz and people wanting this Apple creation. Many web

Open neater Gmail & Youtube on iPad tablet

iPad tablet from Apple is making all the buzz with positive reviews. It promises great way to access web content and other content like ebooks, newspapers in a neat and large viewable format. You can also access Google services like Gmail, Youtube and more in tweaked manner best suited for

How to gift apps to other users on iTunes

Just like gifting music, now you can also send apps as gift to other users on iTunes. You can only gift apps to other users of the same country (for example US app store to US app store). Also, you need to use credit card on the account for app gifting. Use of gift cards and other types of