Block websites in Internet Explorer

Internet provide access to content of every type. Children and other young users must be protected from accessing content meant for mature audience. If you use Internet Explorer browser to surf websites, you can easily enforce strict access restrictions. IE browser allows you to add and

Block images on webpages in Firefox

Do you want to block images loading or being displayed while browsing specific websites? This can enhance browsing speed on slow internet connection and save on bandwidth costs. Parents can enforce strict control by blocking images on websites not fit for viewing by children. You can

Block emails from specific country, region in Outlook

Do you want to block email messages that come from specific country or region? This can be easily implemented in Microsoft Outlook using "Blocked Top-Level Domains List" feature. It can block messages from email addresses with particular top level country domain or region code. Like

Disable Facebook App from posting on Facebook Wall

Facebook is a wonderful way to share and interact with friends. However, things can go over-board with lot of automated messages laden with images and graphics being posted on your Facebook wall by different Facebook applications. Do you want to block and disable specific Facebook apps

How to edit Windows Hosts file IP addresses

Windows Hosts [WinHosts] file contain mapping of IP addresses for specific domain URLs (For example: localhost). You can edit to add or remove specific IP address and respective domain URLs on Windows computer throught WinHosts file. Such IP address editing has lot of uses like

Prevent execution of harmful Visual Basic & Java scripts

Not all Visual Basic and Java Script are safe for the computer. Viruses use scripts to spread and wreck havoc on computer. Now you can easily intercept script execution requests using small application "AnalogX Script Defender". It gives pop-up message, whenever blocked scripts is ready to

Block images on websites to surf internet faster in Firefox

Images on a website take maximum amount of bandwidth. More images slows down loading of a webpage. One quick and easy way to surf internet faster and save bandwidth is by blocking image loading on websites. This can be easily done in Firefox using "Image Block" addon. It allows internet

Disable & block CD, DVD, USB ports, Flash drives on computers in network

CD, DVD, USB flash drives can come real handy to copy and transfer date from one computer to another. In a home network or small network of computers, you may want to disable / block such data transfer in order to prevent data theft. AdminDeviceLan is a small application that allows you