See percentage of Free memory (RAM) on computer

Do you want to keep eye on amount of free memory (RAM) on computer while using it? Better Memory Meter is a cool utility that sits on the system tray and show the percentage amount of memory free on the computer. It is real time free memory display, hence percentage figure changes as more

Clean System tray notification area of past items

Over a period of time, system tray notification area can become cluttered. While some items (icons) are visible, there are lot of hidden items at the system tray notification area. The Tray Cleaner is a portable and small utility to clean up mess of item on the System tray notification

Swap Left & Right mouse buttons in single click

Ideally we can switch & swap left, right mouse buttons from "Mouse" settings icon in the Control Panel. This procedure is long (boring) and involve couple of clicks for the final swap of mouse buttons. Dmouse is cool utility that allows you to swap left and right mouse buttons in a

Resize desktop icons to 16px, 24px, 32px, 48px

Desktop icons remain in constant view of any computer user. Are you bored and tired of looking at same size icons at the time? Well, give desktop icons makeover - atleast sizewise. Resize desktop icons allows you to resize desktop icons among various sizes like: 16px, 24px, 32px,

Display System UpTime on desktop screen

Want to stay updated on time your computer has been up and running? SUTM (System Uptime Monitor) is small utility that show computer uptime (in days, hours, minutes, seconds) on the desktop screen. It shows this information in stylish and cool looking blue dialog box. It also show date and

Switch default Audio Sound Card from system tray

Ideally, you will have to click (and click) to open Control Panel to change the default audio device. If you often change the audio device, how about doing it quickly from the system tray? STADS (System Tray Audio Device Switcher) is a free program that allows you to toggle and switch the

Download desktop Stop Watch Timer

Do you need a virtual stopwatch to keep check on lapsed time? OnlyStopWatch is a portable stop watch timer to measure time lapsed from the start point. It shows time in digital format with big font display with milliseconds precision. Being portable you can carry it anywhere in your USB

Turn Num, Caps & Scroll Lock ON / OFF with mouse clicks

Pressing Num, caps or scroll lock keys on keyboard too boring for you? Well, using small portable utility "NumLock" you can change the ON / OFF state of Num, Caps and Scroll lock with simple mouse clicks. Besides the ON / OFF status, you can make the utility to load Windows start and keep

Stylish Alt-Tab alternative for Windows 7, Vista, XP

Alt - Tab key combination is used to view and toggle between opened Windows. Vista Switcher application adds lot of style and functionality to this Alt - Tab Windows feature. It shows list of all running tasks with their names and preview snapshots in very stylish interface. It also

Clear Recent Document List in Single Click [shorcut]

Windows keep history of document we open which can accessed by clicking Start > Documents. We already know the boring and long 5+ clicks procedure to clear this recent document list. Now you can save lot of clicks and time by using quick shortcut to clear recent document list using

Show System Information on desktop background screen

Do you want to show basic system information of the computer on desktop screen? While this may not be of much use for single computer workplace, it is essential for multiple computers workplace. BgInfo is a handy utility that displays basic system information on desktop or background

Automatic computer turn OFF at specific time with auto shutdown

Do you want to shut down or turn OFF computer at specific time? No need to mess around, just download and use simple free utility "Auto Shutdown". It allows you to configure automatic computer shutdown at specified time. It can force shutdown your computer or give audio reminder before