Make taskbar or any open application window transparent

Do you want play around with application windows and make them transparent? TranspApps is a cool free application that allows you to make taskbar or any opened application window transparent in few simple clicks. After install, TranspApps window will show list of opened application. To get

Create virtual desktops in Windows with free Dexpot utility

One desktop screen may not be enough for few users and they may need more space to access programs on the computer. Best alternative to get more space without too much effort is creating virtual desktops. You can access multiple desktop screens with different programs and files opened at

Close all application windows on computer in Single Click

Do you have 10, 20 or more application windows open on the computer? Don't feel like clicking close button on each application one by one? Get a life and close every damn application window in a single click or shot. "Close All" is a small utility that closes every application on the

Zoom & draw on desktop during presentation demo

It is very important to highlight important aspects during a presentation or demonstration while using Windows powered computer. Zooming in on important areas and drawing arrows to capture audience attention can result in effective and quick communication. Demo helper is small utility that

How to move & pin Recycle bin to system tray?

Recycle Bin has always been part of the desktop. If you are too bored of it and want to perform some desktop cleaning - bump out the recycle bin to the system tray. Minibin is a small application that allows you to move and pin recycle bin to the system in few simple clicks. This

Melt, blow, fire, dissolve Desktop Screen [fun app]

How about having little fun with the desktop screen? Desktop Monet is small application that allows to you make you desktop screen go crazy like hell. You can add different effect to the desktop screen with a click of a button. Blow it, dust it, dissolve it, set it on fire and lot

How to Save & Restore position of desktop icons?

Placement of desktop icons is a very personal thing and every user has his/her way of customizing it. Incase you change screen resolution, icon placement get all messed up and you have to spend extra time restoring favorite icon layout on the desktop screen. Icon positioning can also go

Desktop Graffiti, Vandalize desktop by spraying paint

Desktop Graffitist is a cool application for fun with anything on your desktop. It allows you to spray paint on desktop and create Graffiti aka Desktop Graffiti. This little application is good enough for your creative release and for some fun while working (or sitting idle). Using this