Create freehand logo art at Google Docs

Google Docs online drawing tool can be used for more than simple diagram making. You can use this online tool for creating cool freehand logos. It also be used to make vector art resembling real life photos. Besides the shape customization, you can color vector creations with colors of

Make Monochrome line drawings [2 color photos]

There are number of ways to jazz up images like making colorful photo lose all but specific colors or even generating a monochromatic drawing of your favorite photo. For starters: a Monochrome drawing is a result of reduction of colors to just 2 with sharp borderlines. Panchromatic is a

Convert Photo to Sketch

We have already seen cool ways to convert photo to cartoon and photo to paintings. Using free version of Photo 2 Sketch you can generate impressive sketch image from any photo. You can convert photo into simple pen sketch or into details pencil sketch. There is also option for pastel

Convert photos to painting, drawing & sketch

There are number of ways to manipulate and spice up photos. We have already seen how to convert photos to cartoon images quickly. FotoSketcher tool allows you to convert photos into piece of art by adding painting, drawing and sketch effect to images. It is an easy to use free software for

How to find Clipart & Line Drawings with Google Image Search?

Google is one stop to search anything on the internet. Google Image search is an extended search tool to find images of your choice. Now besides usual images, you can use Google Image search to find clipart and line drawing images related to any keyword. 1. Open Google Image Search on

Draw Paint Graffiti online & post on Twitter with TwitPaint

Graffiti drawing can range from very good looking to crazy looking. We have already seen insane graffiti splash on the desktop background and also on your favorite webpages. Here is little sane and simple way to create and share paint graffiti drawing using online tool TwitPaint. To get

Zoom & draw on desktop during presentation demo

It is very important to highlight important aspects during a presentation or demonstration while using Windows powered computer. Zooming in on important areas and drawing arrows to capture audience attention can result in effective and quick communication. Demo helper is small utility that

Draw simple Stick drawings online, express yourself

Do you want to express your mind in a creative manner? How about creating stick design of picture(s) in your mind? It could be image of heart, dream house or person you look forward to. Y.Stick Love makes simple stick drawing process real easy and quick. Click the start draw button

Draw flowcharts & drawings online at Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processor application to write, save and share documents. Now, you can spice up your documents with colorful drawings and flowcharts. It has added new feature of Insert Drawing. With any document open in Google Docs, goto Insert > Drawings option and start

Find Clipart & Line drawings with Google Image Search

We have already seen ways to use Google search for PDF files, music & video files. Google Image search has added new feature to search for Clipart and line drawing images. Open Google Images search and type any keyword. Then select Clipart or line drawings option from dropdown

Draw or sketch neatly with online offtype Creator

If you love to scribble and draw some weird shapes in MS Paint, then you will love Offtype creator. It is a fast, fun, free and easy way to create your own images online. It allows you to draw, sketch, create graffiti, pixel art, drawing,  paint ecard, handwrite message or note.