Generate PHP code to check browser, country, language, resolution & operating system

[For advance users] Are you looking for an easy way to generate PHP code for specific "if" condition check for you website or blog? Show{if} is a cool online tool to generate PHP code for specific "if" condition on the fly. For example, you easily generate PHP code that identify web

Generate HTML index file for folder / drive contents

Do you want to see contents of a specific folder or drive in the form of working HTML file? DirHTML is a handy application that quickly creates HTML index files with neat listing of content of a folder or drive. It displays content in a neat tabulated HTML file containing click-able links

Generate & download random ringtones at Wolfram

We have already seen Wolfram helping out solve complex maths integration problems. Wolfram is also doing music based on calculations resulting in cool sounding ringtones. You can togggle to listen random ringtones and download them as mini via email or get them delivered to your mobile

Generate background patterns from own images

If you are looking for cool and colorful background pattern images - how about creating one from own images? Repper Pattern maker allows you to generate funky background pattern images using easy to use web based tool. To get started, upload any image from the computer. Click on the

20 dummy text, data & figures generator tips & apps

Dummy text or sample text is very important for web and application developers. They use dummy text and figures as test data as they concetrate on design and other important aspects of projects. Following are 20 ways / tools to generate dummy text (Lorem...) in few simple clicks. Here

Generate Mosaic version of any image in single click

Mosaic image in composed of number of small images representing a large image or picture. We have already seen PicArtia to create personalized photo mosaic on the fly. Image Mosaic Generator is another online Mosaic image creator which is very simple without bells and whistles. It

Generate Logo for your blog/website in Flickr Style

If following simple PhotoShop tutorial to make web2.0 logo for your website or blog is little difficult, then here is easy alternative of Flickr Logo maker. It is an online logo generator that makes logo in few simple clicks. Just enter your website / blog name or keyword and click on

Twitter Ribbon Ad generator, get more followers

If you are active on Twitter and want to build bigger community around your Twitter profile, then its time to do some publicity. One free and easy way is using Twitter Ribbon ad that gets instant attention, clicks and followers to your Twitter account (hopefully). TwitterRibbons web

Grab & Copy favicon of any website with GetFavicon

We have seen ways to create favicon or access huge online collection of favicons. Here is another way to get favicon and that also of your favorite website or blog. GetFavicon web service allows you to grab and copy favicon of any website. Just enter the website URL and click on

Generate HTML tables from spreadsheet Excel data

Do you have an excel file with loads of data that should be converted into simple HTML table form? Now, are you lost and tired of pasting data in different applications to to generate clean HTML tables from excel file data? Tableizer is answer to above questions and make this process

Create custom Twitter Background with Twitbacks

We have already seen cool resources to download jazzy Twitter background patterns, Twitter themes and buttons. Twitbacks is a cool online tool that allows you to create Twitter background from own custom images in few simple mouse clicks. To get started enter details for your custom

TinyTags for Cute Tag Image with Custom text

See the image with 'Techno Life @ tothepc' on the right side? It explains what tinytags is all about. TinyTags is an online generator to create cute images with custom text message. Just enter your custom text and click on 'Make tag' button. Your cute tinytag image will be ready for