Convert Photo to Sketch

We have already seen cool ways to convert photo to cartoon and photo to paintings. Using free version of Photo 2 Sketch you can generate impressive sketch image from any photo. You can convert photo into simple pen sketch or into details pencil sketch. There is also option for pastel

Generate dummy test posts & comments on WordPress blog

At times we need to test Wordpress theme or plugin on test Wordpress install. We need to manually publish test posts and comments or import database containing few posts. You can avoid both of these options by quickly generating dummy test posts and comments using Lorem Ipsum Post

Random number key generator for secure passwords

Short on ideas to generate unique number to serve as password? MyKeyGen is a small portable utility to get enough ideas, inspiration and random numbers to be your next password for any application or service access. It can generate random numbers including different digits and

Create Favicon ICO online generator

Favicon adds unique identity to any website or blog. While there are so many software tools to create favicons, how about doing same online without having to install anything? Favicon Generator Tool at Dagon Designis an easy to use online tool to generate favicons. It can convert any

Generate Subnets for range of IP addresses

Do you want to get associated subnet values for specific IP address(es)? Subnet Creator is a handy and simple portable tool for generating subnets. It takes a range of IP addresses and returns the contiguous IP subnets needed to reproduce that range in subnets. IP Subnets for range of IP

Create Mosaic wallpaper photo from multiple images

Do you love to create "Mosaic" mashup of multiple photos? Wallpaperer is a dead simple portable program to create Mosaic wallpaper photos on the fly. Just drag the photos in the application windows and your Mosaic image is all ready. Besides original colors, it supports different color

Create Twitter background with avatar image of followers

Most effective way to customize Twitter account is by using customized background image. We have seen number of online tools like twitbacks and Twitter designer to create cool Twitter background images and even resources that allow download of Twitter background images in original PSD

Make list of folder contents, copy to Clipboard & print

Manually typing content listing of each folder on the computer can take lot of time and effort. DriveZ is a free portable utility that allows you to automatically list contents of any folder. You can copy complete listing to the clipboard, which can be further saved as a text file or

Create colorful Gradient wallpaper & set on desktop

Do you love simple yet colorful wallpaper on the desktop? If yes, then give a spin to Wallpaper Generator program. It allows you to create Gradient wallpapers of different color combination. You can play around and be creative by choosing a different color for each corner of the

Generate Gradient images of different colors

Gradient images are often used as background images on webpages to spice up the look. If creating gradient images in Photoshop if too much of task, then checkout free application "Gradient Studio". It allows you to generate gradient images of different colors and styles in few simple

Make ID card photos with free image duplicator & printer

ID PhotoStudio is a free application to make ID card photos from your personal images. It allows you to print photos ready to be used on any ID card. You can browse and select any photo on the computer. Then select dimensions of the photo as per country specifications from drop down menu.

Create high resolution Earth desktop wallpapers with free photo generator

Do you love the view of earth from space? Well, its time to play around with this view and generate cool looking Earth desktop wallpapers. Desktop Earth 2.0 is a handy (online & offline) application to generate high resolution Earth desktop wallpapers after selecting your