Make Pivot tables online in Google Docs spreadsheet

Pivot table is a useful feature for spreadsheet documents for easier interpretation of data in number of ways in quick time. It allows you to narrow down a large data set or analyze relationships between data points. Now you can create Pivot Tables online in Spreadsheet application of

Hide gridlines in Google Spreadsheet file

Gridlines are useful in easy identification of specific box for corresponding row and column. While these are handy for easy data entry and manipulating - they can be annoying while attempting to take neater printout of data displayed in a Google Spreadsheet. However, with feature to hide

Freeze rows & columns in Google Docs Spreadsheet

Besides multiple sheets in a Google Docs Spreadsheet file, each sheet can contain lot of data in number of rows and columns. To easily manage and prevent any change or data deletion - you can freeze rows or columns in a Google Spreadsheet file. Freeze Spreadsheet rows & columns 1.

How to add new Sheets in Google Docs Spreadsheet

If you are new to Google Docs Spreadsheet interface, doing basic tasks can leave you looking for answers. To accommodate more data in a Spreadsheet file we can add more sheets. You can easily add more sheets to Google Docs Spreadsheet file with a click of a button on icon at the bottom bar

Copy sheets between Google Docs Spreadsheet files

Do you want to copy a sheet from one Google Docs Spreadsheet file to another? No need to manual copy and paste, you can easily copy sheet between spreadsheet files in few simple clicks. Google Docs Spreadsheet has "Copy To" feature for copying any specific sheet in one Google Docs

Play Hangman, Sudoku games online in Google Docs

Google Docs spreadsheet is a part of online Google Docs suite for word processing and office document creation, editing and sharing. Besides doing the productive work, you can also have fun online in Google Docs suite by playing games (courtesy script feature in Google Docs

Solve optimization problems in Google Docs spreadsheet

Google Docs get new "Solve" feature for easy walk through complex optimization problems. In your Google Spreadsheet goto Tools > Solve to see various options and conditions to solve optimization problem at hand. You can select optimization type among maximum or minimum (currently, it

Protect spreadsheet & select who can edit it

Google Docs Spreadsheet has added a new feature of 'Sheet protection'. It allows you to invite and select people who can edit and build on content of a spreadsheet document. For example, you have list of 5 friends who can help you build on contents of a spreadsheet file. However, you trust