Use animated gif as Google Plus Profile photo

Were you looking for way to animate your avatar photo on Google Plus profile? Well, this is officially possible as Google Plus profiles now support animated gif images to be used as profile photo. Use of animated gifs on social networking websites always had divided opinion: some love it

How to save translated text in Google Translate

Google Translate is a useful service for language translation of any text, webpage url and documents. Till now, we could only translate in real time without possibility of saving or recording translation results. Hence, one has to repeat translation process every-time even for same text or

How to find animated gif images on Google

Google Search provide lot of options to refine and filter search results for specific requirements like finding PDF files, vintage music tracks, line drawings and much more. Google  has added new option of animated gif images to Google Images Search. Using this 'animated' option to can

Change country code for phone numbers in Gmail Contacts

A visit to Gmail's Contact section will show a surprise pop-up message, "Your default country for phone numbers in contacts is: Accept or Change default country". Gmail added a new option to change and set specific default country code for phone numbers in the Gmail Contacts. Once you

How to remove isearch avg from Google Chrome

Is your Google Chrome browser showing instead of default Google Search? This can be very irritating as it obstructs the normal flow of using Google search engine in Chrome browser. This change mostly happens when you install an AVG security product and unknowingly give

How to enable Spelling check in Google Chrome

Correct spellings are very important specially while filling online forms. Google Chrome users can enable automatic spell checker for fixing incorrect spellings quickly. Once Google Chrome's spellings check feature is activated, it will highlight wrong spellings which can be corrected in

Find Google Chrome version information installed on PC

Google Chrome is a free web browser software program from Google. Any Windows, Mac or Linux user can download it from website and install Google Chrome on their computer systems to surf internet websites. Google often updates Chrome browser with bug fixes and adds new

How to use 1000 new Gmail smiley emoticons

Google keep adding new features and goodies to their Gmail email service. After introduction of colorful emoticons (which happened long time back in 2008), Gmail has added over 1000 brand new smiley emoticons. Now there is animated smiley to showcase almost any emotion and

Some hidden Google web pages for special occasions

Need to find something on the internet? We just head over to Google Search website with its plain jane looks of white background and big search box. Besides this default interface, Google has number of special webpages hidden from eyes of an average user. These webpages on Google website

How to auto update Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome introduced extensions allowing users to add more functionality by installing different Chrome extension like to see latest cricket scores, check webpage page rank and much more. If you happen to install lot of Chrome extensions, make sure you update those extensions using

Send Out of Office & Vacation auto reply in Gmail & Yahoo

Are you going on vacation and will be out of office for few days? One one wants to deal with email sending chores while on vacation. You can easily setup vacation responder in Gmail and Yahoo email account to enjoy holidays to fullest. Vacation responder will automatically send reply to

How to stop email invites to join Google+ Communities

Are you receiving lot of email messages to join specific communities on Google+ Plus? Similar to "groups" feature on Facebook, Google+ Plus has added "communities" feature. It provides platform for Google+ Plus users to start and engage in discussion on specific topics. Since this is a new