Firefox as Kids safe browser with parental controls

Are you looking for a safe way for your child to access internet? Well, Firefox web browser can serve this purpose after installation of addon 'KidZui'. It converts Firfox into a kid-safe environment with over a million kid-friendly websites, games, pictures, and YouTube videos. There

See Winsock activity details with Socket Sniff

[For Advance users] Winsock activity is important to remain connected. SocketSniff is a small utility that gives large details of Winsock (Windows Sockets) activity on your computer. In an easy to understand manner, it shows lot of related information. This small utlity does not

Balance bandwidth & upload/download transfer rate

Many of us are in habit of downloading lot of things at the same time. We can have a mp3 file and movie file downloading at the same time. Also, we are surfing favorite website or chatting with friends. Net surfing experience can get bit boring and slow due to large bandwidth taken by mp3

‘Wipe’ & clear browsing history, logs & temp files

Do you want to hide your online activities from other users of the same computer? Want to keep computer clean and healthy from deluge of temporary files, logs and cached files? 'Wipe' is a free application that does same with perfect ease. It can be used to clear user browsing history,

How to Monitor bandwidth usage of Net connection?

Webmasters and bloggers tend to disable hotlinking to save precious bandwidth and other resources. Bandwidth monitoring is also important for users with limited bandwidth internet connection with charges per GB. There are number of ways to monitor and calculate your daily / monthly

Top 20 Websites has Google & Yahoo Slugging it out

As per Hitwise (US Data) for September 2008, Google and Yahoo were slugging it out - to be NO1. Top 20 website list mostly had web properties of 3 big wigs - Google, Yahoo & Microsoft. Here goes full top 20 list: 6%

How to recover or view Dial-Up Internet password ?

'Dial-Up Networking' wizard feature is used to connect to internet via Dial-up procedure. Operating system allows you to save the password for auto-connect without you having to enter password for every connection session. Password is stored by the operating system and by default it

5 Ways to Surf Websites Faster on Slow Net Connection

There are number of ways to tweak Internet connection to load website faster. Website loads slow due to CSS formatting, images, javascripts and other elements. If we remove these elements, websites for sure will load faster.

View IP address in a cute window with ShowIP

Need a quick and cute way to see current IP (LAN & WAN) on your computer. ShowIP is a handy utility, that simply shows you the current IP address. It allows quick way to check or share IP with friends

Google Insights to See What World is Searching for

Google Insight is a search giving you insight on what world (netizens) are searching on the internet. You can enter any keyword and see its trend over a period of time. It allows you to compare different search terms

Free Dial-up Internet for BSNL Users, WOW

[India Specific] Festival season is about to rock India with upcoming 'Diwali' and other festivals. Companies roll out big discounts to cash on extra spending people during festival season. India's biggest public phone provider BSNL is no mood of any discount BUT give it all FREE. It

Web brings Love & happiness for HIV Positive Patients

Technically, a HIV positive person can lead normal life with very few exceptions. However, with our society ripped apart with discrimination against them - life of an HIV patient isn't easy. Good to see web and internet helping and facilitating HIV positives find love and happiness in