Translate Haitian Creole language with Bing translator

Everyone is aware of massive destruction left by earthquake in Haiti. Microsoft has done quick and wonderful job of launching translator for Haitian Creole language. Now you can translate between English and Haitian Creole (and other languages) using Microsoft (Bing) Translator. To get

Translate webpage language in Google Chrome

Google Translate is very easy to use and robust online language translation tool for websites. Now you can use all the goodness of Google Translate service within Google Chrome browser using official Google Translate extension plugin. Its functionality is very similar to default translate

Read text & website content in Indian Languages

For example: you know English as well as Hindi language but you are more comfortable reading stuff written in Hindi as against in English. Google Script Converter can come handy in this regard. You can convert script of an English webpage or text in Hindi language. Only the interfacing

English, Swedish & Danish desktop taskbar translator tool

Google Translate is best online service for instant translation among number of languages. If you deal with loads of translation tasks and prefer to stay out of web browser for language translation - then check Simple Taskbar Translator. It supports translation between 3 languages:

Thai language translation at Bing Translator

After Hebrew language, Bing Translator has added Thai language translation. Now you can translate Thai language text "to" and "from" any other language online at Microsoft (Bing) Translator. Just select Thai language from the drop down menu (as seen in screenshot) and then click on

Insert French, German special characters to documents from English keyboard

Configuring computer to run another language besides the default language takes some effort to achieve. If you are only interested in French and German special characters, then there is no need to fiddle around with English or default languages settings of Windows on the computer.

Translate Afrikaans, Belarusian, Icelandic, Irish, Macedonian, Malay, Swahili, Welsh & Yiddish

Now you can translate to and from more languages online using Google Translate. Google has added 9 new languages to the list with now total of 51 supported languages. 9 new languages added to the Google Translate include: Afrikaans, Belarusian, Icelandic, Irish, Macedonian, Malay, Swahili,

Translate Google Docs document text language

Google Docs is a cool way to write, store and share documents online. Besides writing documents in native language you can translate language and share Google Docs with users familiar with different language. This is possible by using language translate feature of Google

Automatic webpage language translation in Firefox with WorldWide Lexicon plugin

If you often browse webpages containing language not known to you, then World Wide Lexicon addon can break those language barriers. This Firefox addon automatically detect webpages with foreign languages and converts them in language known to you (or based on current languages settings of

Type in Punjabi & Urdu online using Google Transliteration

Google Transliteration is a handy online tool to write in different Indian languages. After Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi & Nepali - Google Transliteration has added support for 2 new languages: Punjabi and Urdu. Now you can type in either language by first typing word(s) in English,

Translate tweets online to post original or translated on Twitter

There are number of ways to translate any text to different languages online like using Google Translate and Bing Translator. Twinslator is an online service for language translation of your Tweets. To get started, type tweet or message and then select translation language from drop down

Write in Indian languages at Quillpad online editor

Getting content in localized non-english form can help people reach more users. Everyone is trying their bit like Google already has Indic Transliteration service which is also extended to writing emails in Hindi and other Indian languages using Gmail service. Quillpad is another online