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Being a programmer or coder is a daily grind to learn new and more about specific language. We are always lookout for magic pieces of code to implement cool functionality in our projects. Best way to practise art of better coding is interacting with community of similar language

Hebrew language translation live on Bing Translate

Bing Translation is a cool service for quick translation of text and webpage from one language to another. It has added Hebrew language in the list of supported languages. Now you can translate to and from Hebrew language online using Bing Translate service. While on Bing Translate,

Auto translate webpages with Google Toolbar quickly

Language translation process has its own plugs and at times is real boring with user having to copy-paste text and then click (few more clicks) for the final translated text webpage. For example: translating text on your Facebook page will involve copying and pasting that text to Google

Create disposable chat room with language translation

Do you want to chat with people from different countries, whose language is unknown to you? is a cool online web service that allows you to chat with anyone from any part of the world without language problems. It allows you to create disposable / temporary chat rooms and

Persian (Farsi) language translation at Google translate

Persian (Farsi) language translation support has been added to Google Translate web service. Now you can translate any text, webpage, blog, message etc from English to Persian and from Persian to English with a click of a button using Google Translate. It is still in early stages and is

Instant language translation on Bing search

Bing search has added another new feature of instant language translation. Just goto Bing decision search, enter your word or phrase followed by word translation. Hit the enter key to see translation of that word in different languages, powered by Microsoft Translator. For example type:

Free language translation desktop tool [One Click]

Google Translate is most easy and quick way to translate any text / webpage into different languages. You can extend the ease of using Google Translate through Google Translate Client. It is a free tool which makes process of translating text involving less clicks. Ideally one would go to

Human edit to auto translation with Google Toolkit

Google Translate is a cool way to translate any text or webpage into different language in few simple clicks. Extending this machine translation coupled with human edit functionality is Google translation toolkit. This new web service allows you to translate text, webpages, knol articles,

Online Code snippet library – refactory for developers

Web developers often scout for code to add special features or elements to their projects. Different type of codes are available online to render basic and advanced functionality. While the process involve copy-paste and testing the code - searching for required code is no easy

Language translator app for Google Android mobile

ConveyThis is a cute language translation widget box that can be placed on blog or website for instant translation. Now you can enjoy same language translation feature on handheld and mobile devices running on the Google Android platform. You can covert text into over 40 languages and hear

Translate language of emails received on Gmail

Automatic languages translation has made debut on Gmail. Now you can read emails written in different languages in language you are familiar with. This automatic language translation is powered by Google Translate and can be easily activated from Gmail labs option. To get started,

Type in Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi & Nepali online

Google Transliteration has added 4 new languages including: Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali. Previously it had Hindi,Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Now lot of people from different regions in India can write in their native language using online Google Transliteration. Since